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  1. The pre-reqs do make it difficult, especially given that they can vary significantly across schools. I definitely appreciate the more stream-lined nature of clinical applications.Good luck to you as well . The quietness is so weird, I agree.
  2. That is amazing news. I'm happy it all worked out for you
  3. On Monday, also call the graduate advisor for your program and ask them if there is any leniency for late references. I hope everything works out!!
  4. This nearly happened to me and I can empathize with the stress that you must be feeling. Can you call? Any chance you have a phone number other than their office number? I would send an email tonight, and maybe even a couple tomorrow. It is urgent, afterall.
  5. I think this is perfectly fine. To conserve space, I simply put a titile (Statement of Purpose) and then my name in the top right header. I obviously cannot speak for the admissions committees, but I would imagine that the content of the letters matters much more than the formatting.
  6. Hello I'm mostly applying to counselling programs and one clinical program. I'm applying to the University of Calgary, the University of Alberta (course and thesis-based programs), The University of New Brunswick, and Trinity Western University. I also applied to Simon Fraser's Clinical MA... while I have fairly strong research experience and decent GRE scores, I don't have an honors thesis or publications, so I expect that one to be a no! What schools are you applying to?
  7. I also interpretted this as the other posters did.
  8. I feel you. I can't speak for clinical, but for counselling most students will not have applied.
  9. Question: what do you mean? I don't recall having to select any faculty when I chose my three schools. I applied for SHHRC, so perhaps it varies depending on the funding agency (?)
  10. I am! I wouldn't stress, but personally I'll be sending a reminder on Tuesday or Wednesday if my last reference hasn't submitted anything by then. No harm in sending polite reminders for something as important as this.
  11. I hadn't really thought about this... I'll probably have 2/3 of my Apps for the schools I listed for SHHRC submitted by the time I submit the SHHRC application. The third has a January 31st deadline so I'm hoping that's okay and I don't have to rush that app?
  12. I applied to the same number last year. This year I'm applying to 6 total. I wanted to do more, but felt that my applications would suffer if I spread myself to thin— that may not be true of everyone.
  13. It's a shame we can only list 3. I am unfortunately indicating no for the schools that I did not select, since I have not applied for funding for those schools and would not receive it were I admitted.
  14. I put them in the same document. It seems like there's no other place to upload the references.
  15. Makes sense, thanks @Neurophilic! For Statement of Purposes/ Letter of Intents, does anyone know the level of specificity with which we should discuss our research interests? Is it better to say my research interests are x, y, z, or is it better to state specific research question(s)? Thanks!
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