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  1. Does anyone know the typical timeline for programs with Jan.31 application deadlines? Specifically, TWU & UNB counselling.
  2. I applied to Counselling, so a different program but also in the Faculty of Education. Mine still says pre-screening, too.
  3. Thank you!! The tip about lowering screen brightness to reduce glare on glasses is really helpful— I don't know why I didn't think about that!
  4. Thank you! Counselling interview invites have already gone out, so I was a little confused! But yes, they do fall under different faculties so that would make sense.
  5. Is this for the clinical program specifically? I hadn't heard about this, but I applied to counselling.
  6. Does anyone have any tips for skype interviews? :)
  7. Has anyone heard from Calgary counselling? Interview invites were meant to start going out today.
  8. Honestly, I have no idea! But good luck :)
  9. Hello, fellow waitlisted candidate here (different schools/ programs). I like to think that our chances are strong. However, every year the applicant pool will differ, so it's impossible to say. That being said, you were close last year, and I'm assuming you've added experience on top of that, so you probably have a good shot!
  10. Interesting! I might consider looking into that in the future, but I don't know that I want to start a medication right before interviews... just in case.
  11. I'm curious to hear how other people deal with interview nerves & anxiety. Even just practicing for an interview, I get nervous. Diaphragmatic breathing helps me a little bit, but I haven't found any real fixes.
  12. That's the way I'm leaning as well, thank you!
  13. Has anyone applied to a counselling or clinical program where you have to make a video submission of a mock counselling session? (i.e. UBC, TWU...) If so, how did you format your session? Did you throw in anything fancy, like some kind of exercise, or did you keep it focused on supportive listening skills?
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