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  1. As a doctoral level registered psychologist, yes. At least in my province (AB) there is very high demand, particularly for PhD level practitioners.
  2. I think the biggest thing for me is that I'm really exited to meet my cohort, and that wouldn't be so easy if everything moves online.
  3. I don't want to catastrophize, or to sound selfish, but I would be very sad to see my program be moved to be online/ cancelled given all of the work that I've invested into this. I'm sure I'm not alone in that.
  4. Is anyone else nervous about COVID-19 affecting admissions? I don't want to catastrophize, or to sound selfish, but I would be very sad to see my program be moved to be online/ cancelled given all of the work that I've invested into this. EDIT- I realized there's a separate thread for this. Sorry!
  5. Generally it takes programs a few business days after the decision deadline the first round of applicants are given. That is probably the case for Calgary as well. Good luck :).
  6. Congrats on the acceptance :). I agree that the lack of Canadian counselling students posting is strange, given the amount of people who apply to those programs! I've accepted my offer to Calgary for the MSc Counselling program. I'd love to connect with any other incoming students to that program!
  7. Hi, it was an email with a letter attached as a PDF. There was an interview. I do believe they have already notified waitlisted candidates, but I only know through word of mouth. Best of luck with your other applications and if it doesn't work out this year, keep your head up! It took me two tries.
  8. I would be curious to see how others have worded these emails, too
  9. Thank you for the replies! Well, exiting either way :).
  10. Does this mean it is, in fact, different than CGS-M? I'm in the same boat haha and I'm very confused (although flattered) as to what this award I've received is!
  11. This is what I was leaning towards... though my other commitments will be winding down in the next couple of months so now I’m second guessing...
  12. I need advice! My POI has offered me paid research work beginning in the summer.The time commitment is relatively small (<10 hours/ week), however, I still work 40+ hour weeks in addition to ongoing volunteer and research commitments. On one hand, I am exited to dive into research. On the other hand, I am feeling a bit burnt out from the application process and I would really like to rest as much as possible and do as many fun things as I can before I begin what I expect to be a very work heavy few years. If I make time for this, I will not have very much free time and I will be just as busy as I was during applications. What would you do in my situation? Should I be honest with my POI about how I'm feeling and request I begin in September, or should I make time for this?
  13. If I were you I'd plan a trip for those two months!! I unfortunately will be working. I'm very tempted to quit and travel, but I also want to have savings for the next few years of minimal income... but, I'll be planning a shorter trip in May, and lots of weekend getaways and road trips. I also plan to cut back on my extra-curricular work as much as I can and focus on hobby stuff life reading and baking, and preparing myself to move.
  14. I’ve officially accepted my offer to Calgary! Maybe it’s too early for this, but I would love to connect with any incoming U of C students for the Msc Counselling program!
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