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  1. This is my first year applying so I don't have as much experience. I've finished 6 interviews so far and I haven't been asked this question *yet*. I have been asked "Why X school/Why our Program?" or questions along those lines. I've also been asked whether I listed X school for tri-council funding, which I guess is a one way for them to find out if it was your top 3 back when you completed tri-council applications. Like someone mentioned, you can't answer "no, this isn't a top choice". But I'm assuming that if you've applied there, there is clearly something that draws you to the school
  2. Just curious if anyone who applied to Dal has the application status as "Incomplete items outstanding"? I did interview with them, so I'm not too concerned that my application is incomplete if I made it that far. But I was just curious if anyone also sees that on their application portal. Thanks!
  3. Hi all, I just submitted my CCV for CGS-M and I got this message in red text saying that "To participate to the Researchers Directories, you must meet the following criteria", then a list of things to include. Has anyone else gotten then message? Does anyone know if I have to be on this research directory for schools to access my CGS-M application? Thank you!
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