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  1. How are you going? I can definitely resonate with finding boring tasks very difficult. I find that writing tips encourage me to write for a day or two, then I go back to old habits..
  2. University of Minnesota Twin Cities- Personality, Individual Differences and Behavior Genetics PhD
  3. PianoPsych

    Minneapolis, MN

    Hi! I don't live in MN yet- but have you tried applying to Como Student Community Cooperative? It's one 10-20 minute bus ride away from campus. They are very family-friendly, and you can get a two-bedroom place for $930~1000 per month, all utilities included (this price is extremely cheap for Minneapolis). Apparently the place is quiet, safe, with a really nice community feel. As a grad student applying with a partner, you will be given first priority out of the applications. That being said, this place is popular so I don't know if you'll get in for sure. I applied a month ago as a single grad student, but I am in the process of sorting out alternative accommodation plans- so if you did want to apply, let me know and I'll see if I can get them to swap my place in line with yours (If/when I do get a place confirmed elsewhere). Other neighborhoods that I was recommended (I also don't have a car) include Marcy-Holmes (west of I-35), Southeast Como, Stadium Village, and Cedar-Riverside on the West Bank (I'm currently considering this). I would avoid Dinkytown- the undergrad area- as I heard it's loud and unsafe. As for your partner, there are a lot of theaters around Minneapolis, so that's one avenue.. Hope this helps!
  4. I'm so inspired by all you amazing people! 😃 I asked about supports for health issues (gastric issues/tiring easily) in my interview and luckily my PI was very supportive. I did have difficulty bringing up my learning disability (mild ADHD) though. Anyway, the supports (deferring, leave of absence, insurance) are similar for physical or mental health. Because of how semesters work in the Southern hemisphere, I have around 10 months between undergrad and grad school to work on my physical and mental health. Really hoping this will be enough- I'd feel terrible cancelling on my PI and prospective roommates etc.. I don't know if I'll need to take a leave of absence mid-program- does anyone know if international students (like me) are able to stay in the states if they take time off?
  5. Work/life balance is huge so I would be honest to my POI about this. Wouldn't want you to start your program feeling burnt out! Especially if the next 4-5 summers will involve research work anyway (I don't know if this is the case but assume so).
  6. So excited for you! If it helps at all- if you know you'll accept there eventually, then you know. 😃 I can definitely relate to this. The lack of authenticity (even when writing my statements during the application, being extra nice to LoRs etc) is exhausting. Have you spoke to current grad students about this? Some can be real with you- and I really appreciated them. And I don't see how your complaints are stupid- they seem valid and helpful for others in the forum to see. Nor privileged- privileged or not, we all suffer and that's what binds us together.
  7. There is a lot of talk about GRExit these days, I think the issue is complex because the grad school application process, and grad school itself, is inequitable at every level (LoR writers, school, grades etc) and not just the GRE. A partial solution would be to adjust costs for the tests and applications by income, but I don't know how else to go about it. There are so many applications that schools use the GRE as an easy screening tool- disregarding your Master's degrees and more relevant credentials like stats papers that take more time to find and don't fit into a neat percentile for comparison. Although schools do ask for explanations for low GRE scores, it's still extra work. What I found most helpful in this forum was the support and the people who actively work to help address inequities (you know who you are ). Because they are the ones to make real changes before the system makes its slow changes years later.
  8. UMN decisions have been made I believe- welcome weekend was this past weekend. I'm sorry to hear that, I can see the utility of standardized tests but yours sounds like a case where they should have taken your Master's into consideration. The tests and applications are so expensive too
  9. Working on my physical and mental health which I neglected last year to focus on research (needless to say- it's not worth it!). I'll also be doing a mix of TAing, RAing, volunteering, and distracting my friends (who are already doing Masters/PhDs) at my current uni haha. But the workload should be pretty light. Not sure about you all, but I'm pretty lazy about preparing for the program (reading papers, brushing up on techniques, etc). Sounds like current students recommend against this? In June I'm planning a month-long trip to Melbourne to do some volunteer work for my advisor's collaborator. I love the city and feel like the experience will be very informative for the topics and projects I want to pursue during my PhD 😃
  10. Hey team, I got in to Minnesota, and plan on attending! So glad the wait is over 😃
  11. Thanks! Do you know if this is the same for PIB? My anxiety levels go through the roof every time I check my emails 😣
  12. For Columbia, word is that invitations have already been sent out. I've applied to the same PI as you, and have not heard from them.
  13. Looks like OSU have already sent out some acceptances (two posters on page 10 of this forum, from what I can see) Also waiting on UNCG (some invites for clinical psych seem to be out but yet to see anything for Social). And yes, heard from UMN last week for PIB; Social might differ though.
  14. Hey that was me- will be DMing you soon! I thought there was another formal interview stage following this one (turns out there isn't), which is why I didn't post it here. Sorry! School: University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Type: PhD (Personality, Individual Differences, and Behavior Genetics) Date of invite: 1/7 Type of invite: Email from POI Interview date: 1/9 (note: no formal interviews at UMN) To others- also feel free to DM me for POI.
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