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  1. I can relate.. Definitely a stressful process (and quite expensive) to apply as international students. Thank you! I'm pretty sure think it will be fine (edit: just checked and that app has went through, yay!!). I will be travelling/seeing family to keep my mind off this. How about you?
  2. Completed 6/7 apps on time, and I have a good feeling about the last one being let through even though it was late. For anyone applying in the future- I would not recommend leaving apps till the last minute, especially if the 1st of December is on a weekend! 😅
  3. Thanks for the reply- in that case, I'm aiming to submit everything at least 12 hours before the EST deadline.
  4. Fingers crossed your recommenders do send them in! For the application to my top choice, they review transcripts before accepting them as part of the application. I was waiting on some grades so I only submitted one of my transcripts yesterday. I don't know if people still work during Thanksgiving weekend to review these, if not I'm scared I will miss the deadline! 😟 Also, I'm assuming the December 1st deadline means 23:59 on the day? I've written the majority of my essays, but would really like to revise them before submission!
  5. I'm very happy to hear that! Yeah, I'm looking forward to the month (?) or so after apps are in to really relax. I seem to leave things till the last minute- I've just completed my SoP for my top school but I've still got the others to write so that's a little scary. But I'm aiming for good enough and know I will get there in the end 😁 I like your signature btw! will be adopting that format shortly.
  6. I'm sure your apps are strong at this point 😃 and I'm glad you have learned to be easier on yourself. Mental health is so important and I'd love to do some advocacy role in grad school to support other students. For signatures: don't know if you've checked the 'view signatures' setting (Account settings-->View signatures) Anyway, these are my schools: UT-Austin, UMN-TC, UC Berkeley, Michigan, Cornell, UNC-Greensboro, Columbia. 💗
  7. I'm applying to all the places in my signature (below the post). How about you? Yeah, this process is stressful and I can imagine how your unlucky situation last year might make this round extra stressful. Definitely trying to prioritise my mental health through all of this.
  8. Nice 😃 I am mildly panicking over how little time I've left for my statements: I only have drafts written for two of my seven schools, and I still need to edit them based on feedback. That being said, I've sorted out basically everything else for my applications, so I'm hoping I will have enough time to finish everything.
  9. Yeah, I found this process arduous as well. This site (http://psychgradsearch.wikidot.com/phd) may be helpful- I'm not sure if there are School Psych specific programs there though. Another thing I've found helpful is looking up the collaborators of people I was interested in working with. Sometimes they are listed on professors' websites, other times they are co-authors. I've heard some people suggest sending an email to profs to introduce yourself and your interests and asking them to recommend anyone else you could be working with--unfortunately I haven't had much success with this approach. Good luck!
  10. Bumping this thread to ask how everyone is doing 😃
  11. Oh okay. Just good to see there's a couple of these groups out there 😃 Yeah, I found 'How to Write a Lot' good for getting me to write more- although I still find it difficult to stick to a schedule due to my erratic sleep. Perhaps I already learnt principles of habit change from 'Atomic Habits' (great book btw) so it wasn't too new to me. But I'm really liking 'Write it up' and its focus on writing high-quality articles.
  12. Do you mind linking it again? Btw, I'm liking Paul Silvia's 'Write it Up' very much too (for journal articles specifically). Has anyone else read it?
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