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  1. 90% of the time stipend comes from TA/RAship. So no I don't think you can apply for another TAship on top of that. You can apply for fellowship/grant tho
  2. If you haven't already, get the Insider's guide to clinical psych program. It has everything about all the programs (funding, theoretical orientation, practice/research oriented) and you can look at the acceptance rate of each to get a realistic idea of your chances. Other good, funded/partially funded PsyD programs I know are Baylors, Indiana State U and IUP. A quick search in Gradcafe should provide you more in-depth information like this post. Many balanced PhD programs give students the option to tailor their degree accordingly to their interest, it's not uncommon that people do only the m
  3. I was in your situation and only after a throughout research and talking to a lot of clinical students I concluded that good PsyD program = Balanced PhD program. I applied to a mix of PsyD and balanced PhD programs and ended up getting accepted by a fully funded PhD program (rejected by all the PsyD progs I applied to, ironically). Good PsyD programs are easier to get into with little research background (I had 0 pubs) and all PhD programs are extremely research oriented are myths. At the end of the day, it's all about fit. Out of all the PsyD programs you listed, I believe that Rutgers is top
  4. Did my undergrad at the UMN and it was a wonderful experience! Do you mind sharing the initial of your PI? Just out of curiosity as I worked for one of the faculty member and we are going to have a cup of coffee together next week!
  5. Bowling green state university - Clinical psychology PhD. Feel free to hit me up if that's where you're going!
  6. Congratulations to everyone! We can now finally sleep in peace at night. Can't believe that I will have the chance to post on this thread.. It was really a make or break situation for me as I student visa is expiring and I will have to fly back to the US if I were to apply again next year, which I won't be able to afford because the airfare is freaking expensive. There's a good chance that I might just have to give up my dream and pursue something else if I didn't get in this year. I've really came a long way from a rural area of a small country in South East Asia where I haven
  7. Hi all! This is my first round of application and I was lucky enough to receive 2 interview offers from Indiana State U and Bowling Green State U. It might be too early to ask for advice now since I am nowhere near getting an offer yet. But I figured I'll ask for more opinions to have a better idea of how people think about these 2 programs and what should I expect from them! I know the outcome and other data tells a lot about the program. The internship placement rate for Indstate is 100% for the past 6 years and the all time licensure rate is 97% (69/71). BGSU on the other hand, has
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