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  1. I also took the ETS practice exam and purchased both the Kaplan and Princeton Review Book, highlighted everything I didn't understand--would reread the highlighted things every week. I also got the GRE Psychology Exam Prep app on my phone and studied the topics i least understood. I also did these flash cards periodically https://www.varsitytutors.com/gre_subject_test_psychology-flashcards, there's like a couple answers that are wrong but these helped to like keep things fresh in my brain using a multiple choice format. I came from zero background in psych so I probably had to study more than
  2. I worked at Yale as an RA this past year and at the time of applying my rec letter was from my supervisor who had only known me since May, it definitely helped me get into a clinical program this year. I'd say definitely apply for Fall 2021!
  3. On a related note, I am so glad our interviews (at least for most folks) were earlier this year. Not being able to visit the schools and meet people face to face would have been a bummer!
  4. Honestly I would exercise option 1, being in a lab for over two years and not being able to use data to even submit a poster is pretty unreasonable. Depending on your relationship with your current PI, I would be honest in letting them know your goals and how publishing papers/posters is very important this next year. If they don't offer to help you out, get out of there and try to find a lab that will help you meet your goals. Wishing you the best of luck and hoping you get into a school so you don't even have to worry about this!
  5. Yeah i know exactly how you feel, my advisor gave me a little warning that the department moves a little slower than she does so it helped with the waiting 😂. Congrats to you too
  6. I told both of the place, where I withdrew, where I was going. I'm in a relatively small sub-field so they would have found out anyway. I think some are just genuinely curious!
  7. ^ i agree, sounds promising!! keeping my fingers crossed for you🤞🏽
  8. After I defend my master's thesis I plan on not touching anything psych related until August 😂. I'm also excited for Animal crossing, a trip planned to Europe in May, and a music festival in June. Other than that going to be spending alot of time outside enjoying the New England summer before I spend my summers in TX for the next 4+ years.
  9. Check the program's handbook, there might be a section for leave of absence. Most of the handbooks I've read have said student's are allowed to take a semester off under special circumstances. I would think a pregnancy would fall under there. I agree with the above comments to reach out to the DCT, wishing you the best of luck!!
  10. I was just in your shoes, I got into my top choice and still had two more interviews left. I ended up going to the next interview because it was 3 days before and I felt like I was going to burn some bridges. However, it wasn't a good experience....the entire time I was there it was hard for me to seem excited about the school because I had such a perfect fit at my top choice. In the end all it did was help solidify my choice which may be helpful for you (although I hated spending more money to do so). I ended up cancelling my last interview in the hopes that it would open up a spot for anothe
  11. really depends, I heard back from one school 3 days after, another 7 days after, and then another 2 weeks....but I've seen some folks wait a month too.
  12. I got sorta cold called, my POI told me we would find out on a specific day and then she called me with the good news in the afternoon. That whole morning I was bugging out 😂
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