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  1. I would go for it, it seems like you have a reasonable chance and you have research experience which is v important. Perhaps apply to a few programs where there is a very close research fit with the faculty member. There is always so much to learn from the application process and if you have the funds to apply this year it could be helpful in determining specific ways to improve your application next round, if you don't get an offer this time.
  2. I'm happy to look at your statement too if you want to send it to me by DM
  3. Thank you so much for your helpful advice and encouragement
  4. If you are unsure what the format is for a program (and it is not stated on the application instructions on their website) you could email the graduate admissions or the graduate admissions program coordinator in the program and ask?
  5. I agree I think as Clinical PhD applicants it is already competitive and we should not lose faith! It definitely seems to be the minority not accepting students rather than the majority. It is in these programs interests to keep the admissions open (remember they get money from application fees etc).
  6. I'm so sorry you experienced this, it sounds horrendous and extremely unfair. You are clearly a highly resilient and determined individual for sticking a job under those circumstances for so long. I don't see why you should have to remove this experience, and I doubt admissions would contact this Professor unless they are your LoR (which I assume they are not). I don't think you should worry, and in fact you should be extremely proud of yourself for continuing to perform at a high standard, given those incredibly difficult circumstances. Best of luck to you and I hope you get accepted this yea
  7. I know it's very discouraging, sorry to be the bearer of bad news. However, thankfully it seems to only be a few programs so I think we should try to stay optimistic!
  8. Michigan State University clinical program is not taking students for Fall 2021
  9. Thank you for sharing - I agree and these are all the right questions to be thinking about!
  10. I am really interested in applying to work with a mentor at the UCI program which has just opened applications for the first time to their new clinical program. On the website it states that the Fall 2021 cohort will "likely" graduate from an APA accredited program (they are still awaiting approval) and I was wondering how "risky" this is? It seems like it would be the case that APA accreditation would be granted - however, I have done the research and it appears super important to go to an APA accredited program which I would hate to miss out on. Does anyone know how long does this process us
  11. I'm applying for a second time and despite what I think is a strong application I'm worried my GRE scores will hold me back. I got a 3.64 in my undergraduate (which was a Psychology degree from the UK) and a Distinction which is almost at 4.0 GPA in a two year research masters which included a one year research fellowship at an Ivy League university in the US. I also have over 3 years research experience working across several labs across the UK and US. I have two first-author papers currently under review, I'm currently writing a book chapter (first author) and another first author paper in p
  12. Has anyone had any issues with taking the GRE at home? I did mine today and had so many problems with the proctorU system from beginning to end and it added an additional 2 hours to my test time. I ended up getting the same scores as I got last time, even after 5+ months of intense studying. I'm wondering if anyone got offered a refund/voucher to retake the test again?
  13. You can do the DClinPsy programs in the UK as an international student but you have to self-fund and the fees are approx $35-40k per year (for 3 year training program) whilst you will get good clinical training, I think it is very difficult to get a job as a Psychologist in the UK after your training is completed. Almost all qualified trainees apply for Psych jobs in the NHS and the NHS will not hire anyone without a valid visa and it's difficult to get this after training. I'm sorry I can't be more help because I really don't know the process of working or getting a visa in the UK as a US cit
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