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  1. I applied once before in 2018 and had no success at application stage but I felt I was going into the process very blind (I'm an international applicant). I didn't apply last cycle because I didn't feel confident and was waiting on two publications however they are still in the reviewing process and recently both got asked for further revisions for the 3rd time both over 1 year (sigh). I'm applying this year but I am worried about this cycle because of the pandemic and if the GRE is waived this will place more attention on other factors. Unfortunately, as well I had a really good RA position in the area of my PhD interest that got pulled last week because I can't relocate due to visa/covid
  2. Update USC: The GRE is no longer required for all areas. Please see breakdown: Brain and Cognitive Science: Not Required Clinical Science: Not Required Developmental Psychology: Not Required Quantitative Methods and Computational Psychology: Optional Social Psychology: Not Required
  3. I agree with this, I think the US is all-round better training/more opportunities and provides you with a skillset that will be valuable and make you stand out in other countries if you decide to get a career elsewhere.
  4. Thanks so much for your kind words, much appreciated!
  5. I feel you. I have been revising pretty much 6 days a week since April and this is my second attempt at it. I'm finding that my scores in V and Q have improved by around 4-5 points however I am still getting around 156-158 and I don't feel this is competitive enough for the programs I am applying to. It is such a pain because I am revising 6-8 hours a day and don't have the "mental space" to write research papers on top of this so I feel like I am wasting time on it. I also read on Reddit that Q has gotten harder I'm going to take the at home test next week but I'm super nervous. I really hope this year is the end of GRE it is such a pointless test apart from improving vocab
  6. I'm from the UK and I am applying to do my Clinical Ph.D. in the US - I think it is generally much better training and leads to more opportunities. If you do DClinPsy in the UK you will be able to practice as a clinical psychologist in the UK however it may be difficult to get a job as a Clinical Psychologist in the NHS (the main career option following training) because the NHS is extremely under funded and will usually not sponsor visas for non-UK citizens. I think if you train in the US and want to move to the UK to work in research your job options in academia will be much greater and the pay is better
  7. Thank you so much everyone for your recommendations, they are really helpful!
  8. Apart from ASU and University of Utah - I was wondering if anyone knows what other Clinical programs offer speciality training in health psychology as part of the Clinical Ph.D program? Thanks!
  9. I'm so sorry to hear about peoples' experiences not finding research positions, it's a really tough time for most people but at least there is some positive news with the GRE being waived!
  10. For the other faculty members it says they are not accepting students for Fall 2021..
  11. I noticed today that University of Washington only appears to have one faculty member among the Clinical faculty accepting students for Fall 2021 (which is a little concerning since this is a well-established program)
  12. Thanks so much, I know I have read a lot of really bad reviews that's why I'm a bit hesitant. However, I don't have a test centre in my city so I will save a lot of money taking it at home.
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