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  1. Hi everyone, I am a first-year counseling psychology Ph.D. student, and I'm looking to try to publish a paper I wrote with a peer. My program does not adhere to the advisor model until around the third year, so I'm currently on my own. I have one published article that was done with my Master's thesis advisor, so this time I am trying to begin to understand how to navigate the sea of publishing. I guess the most important issue right now is figuring out which journals charge for publications (the journal in which I published previously did not charge any fees). If the fees (publication, p
  2. I studied by going over the intro to psych book ("Psychology", 8th ed. by Gleitman, Gross, & Reisberg; I rented it from Amazon for the length of one semester) chapter by chapter and supplementing it with Kaplan GRE psych book. After I finished the material, I did the full length tests from Kaplan and the ETS practice test, trying to mimic the conditions of the test (i.e., taking it roughly at the same time as the test would be, with the same restrictions and minimal distractions). I took the exam twice with several years in between, using only the Kaplan book and ETS material the first tim
  3. Counseling Psychology Ph.D. at Fordham University 😁 Very happy that my third application cycle is finally over.
  4. Hello everyone, So I am currently leaning toward choosing the Counseling Psychology Ph.D. program at Fordham University. Unfortunately, I couldn't find more information about the program from people who have first- or second-hand knowledge of it. I have spoken to a couple of first-year students, but their experience is limited, and there were no opportunities to speak directly to more senior students. Can anyone shed any light on this program? I am particularly interested in how research-productive the students can be and how supportive is the program regarding clinical training since it
  5. I agree that it's a personal preference. I learned to love online classes and prefer this format to others. As you mentioned, it also depends on the curriculum that is offered that semester. Either way, this thing will either be resolved by the Fall semester or the program will find ways to accommodate students, as externships/internships placements are doing right now.
  6. Sure, but I doubt the pandemic will stay here for 5 years, so there will be lots of opportunities to meet them when most of the people are healthy Sending you positive vibes during this anxiety-provoking time!
  7. Unpopular opinion here, but I actually love online classes. Have had several of those in the past as a student (during both Bachelor's and Master's) and TAed for some of the online classes. Especially for the first semester of the first year of the program, which is usually didactic anyway, I think it's fine. Besides, I think it will largely blow over by the Fall semester anyway.
  8. It's been two+ weeks since I've been waitlisted at my top choice. I know it's a bit too early for the waitlist panic (most offers will get released somewhere at the beginning of April), but I can't help feeling anxious, hopeful, grateful, and dejected. In the end no one will care if I got into the program off the waitlist or not, but for now I strongly feel the "You're not our first choice, we'll maybe let you know if we need you in the future if our first choice falls through" vibe, which makes me a bit rejected, to be honest. It's not rational, I understand that I will also reject the other
  9. I got MA in Forensic Psychology prior to pursuing PhD. Definitely enjoyed my program a lot and connected with several fantastic faculty members. This connection led to publications, RAing, TAing, and more. So I think it strengthened my application overall. On the other hand, this is not an applied degree, and I virtually cannot do anything with it. If I were to do it again, I would get a MA in Forensic Mental Health Counseling at the same school – that way you can at least have some income while waiting between rounds of Ph.D. application. Also, if you apply to Counseling Psychology Ph.D. prog
  10. Has anyone heard back from Fairleigh Dickinson Clinical Ph.D. post-interview?
  11. Thanks for the advice! Obviously it’s a personal decision, I wish you luck in your process!
  12. I will do that if necessary. First I wanted to hear the collective wisdom on the subject
  13. I fully understand that maternity can push back my graduation and plan to graduate perhaps later than my original cohort. Honestly I prefer to take several months completely off rather than Skype into classes when my brain is a sleep-deprived, mangled mess. It is, of course, a personal preference. Would you say it's better to ask the potential advisor about students who have been in the same boat (again, I'm not even sure if they will know such students)? The program did not provide students' info separately, so the other option is to find current students on LinkedIn and cold email them.
  14. Hello everyone, I received an acceptance offer to a Ph.D. program that I may attend (still waiting for answers from others). I am an older applicant, so I'm trying to understand how my life will look like in the next 5–7 years. I will most likely have a child during that time, so I sent a question to the admissions office re leave of absence, specifically maternity leave. Their answer included a referral to the standard medical leave of absence form (that does not mention the length of a possible leave), as well as a referral to speak with my advisor and professors, and: "Although absence
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