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  1. I feel for all of you, I also applied twice and its just soooooo painful. You try to tell people (not in PhD world) about how *hard* it is to get into PhD and its just impossible... let alone trying to explain to them the imposter syndrome aspect. If anybody needs advice or just somebody to talk to about how much this process sucks, please feel free to PM. Good luck everybody, you can totally totally totally do this!!!
  2. Certainly reputation plays a factor in this (but also which is cheaper or gives you funding is really important), but after just completing my MA, I think it's most important to see which advisor or program is gonna help you the best get into a PhD program. Is the advisor willing to work on a project you're interested in, is there a chance you can get first authorship on a paper, could you go to conferences with research you conducted with them, do they know people in your area of studies, do they seem to want to help you network, etc. I also think it may help to analyse your own profile as an
  3. thank you, you both bring up good points!
  4. right exactly -- when will they start to make these decisions? should we even be looking at apartments...?
  5. How worried are people who are supposed to start their PhD studies in the fall.......?
  6. I think getting more acquainted with different stat programs is a really good idea!! There are also several stat workshops that have moved online, so you could try and join those! You can put these newly acquired skills on your CV when preparing for PhD applications and they may ask you about your stats abilities during an interview, and you can talk about taking your own initiative to study it! As the above post suggested, I also recommend reaching out to PIs (or the PI you were going to work with) and see if there is anything you can help with! I did this about a year ago and the PI happened
  7. Hi everybody I hope that wherever you are in the world that you are safe and doing okay. This is a stressful time for the world, and to sound very self-focused, it's been also hard to juggle thinking about next steps in our academic careers. March/April time is really when things either come together or fall apart for us trying to get into PhD programs. In the midst of COVID and the world, society, families, friends all preoccupied with it, it does kind of seem to hampers our current academic success or struggles. I guess I am hoping that this message reaches those people who have either
  8. This is so terrifying. I'm so sorry to hear about this. I hope your position is okay!
  9. I'm in a similar spot, super super super hard......
  10. Seems like a really hard choice (but it's nice to have a choice right haha), but to me research fit with PI trumps everything for me.
  11. I think it depends on what you're looking for. I would try to talk to some of your past profs (or some PI's you applied to that you may feel comfortable reaching out) and ask them what they thought your weakest point of your application was. This may help direct you to see if you need more schooling or more of a research background. Also...there ARE so many variables that go into deciding who gets in or not into a PhD program, it SUCKS but it's the way it is...so it may be nothing wrong with your application...it could be due to other variables that we are not aware of.
  12. Not sure how other people feel about this, but I would give it a couple days after the expected date (sometimes funding decisions get delayed or something), but ya I think it's fine to contact the PI or program coordinator!
  13. I didn't apply there, but I would suggest contacting the coordinator?
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