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  1. One thing I've said when asked specifically why a PhD compared with other psychology degrees - during two prelims for which I got formal interviews, so it wasn't an immediate negative - is that I am primarily interested in research (the purpose of the degree and what they want to hear, but also true for me), but also interested in forensic assessment, for which a doctoral degree is a requirement. It seems like some of the career goals question is making sure you understand what makes a PhD unique and that you're pursuing the degree that will help you achieve those goals.
  2. I also have a non-traditional background. My undergrad is in engineering and all of my research was broadly focused on mathematical modeling/statistics (though done in the biology and engineering departments). I worked in finance for a few years, now am working in a clinical job for just over a year. I took all of my pre-reqs this summer/fall to meet admission standards, but took basically no psych classes as an undergrad. I've been fortunate to receive 3 interview offers, although I've also felt incredibly nervous about how my background will be viewed. I have no doubt that I'll be able to su
  3. To add on to this, my GPA is pretty mediocre (3.47), at least for grad school admissions lol, and my undergrad was in engineering, not psychology. I do have a few publications and a strong quantitative background that I highlighted, and am currently working in a clinical role, but was surprised and happy to have received 3 formal interview invites so far.
  4. I also just (like 10 mins ago) got a formal interview from Washington State, so they're not quite finished sending them out. Good luck to whoever else applied!
  5. Has anyone heard from UConn or know their timeline?
  6. Had an exciting last week while in the woods for work! School: Texas Tech Type: Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Date of invite: 1/11/21 Type of invite: Call from PI Interview date(s): 2/5/21 DM for POI: Sure School: Drexel University Type: Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Date of invite: 1/13/21 Type of invite: Call from program administrator Interview date(s): 2/10-2/11/21 DM for POI: Sure
  7. Just had a preliminary interview with Washington State and my PI said they're meeting as a committee next week to choose final candidates and will have all formal invites out by the end of next week.
  8. Darn, that's who I applied to. Surprised that I hadn't seen anything on the results page and disappointed this looks like a no.
  9. Has anyone heard from Southern Mississippi? Their website says interviews will be late Jan/early Feb, but they've generally notified in mid-December the past few years.
  10. Happy New Year indeed!! School: Washington State University Type: Clinical PhD Date of invite: 1/1/2021 Type of invite: E-mail from PI Interview date(s): Preliminary interview for the weeks of 1/4 or 1/11 DM for POI: Yes
  11. Also, if anyone isn't in the discord group and wants to join, here's the link: https://discord.gg/H89H7JH We haven't had any zoom meetups, but it's pretty active for chatting.
  12. @Neuropsych2021you are a magical human! Has anyone heard from University of Utah? I remember seeing one post on the results page, but surprised more people haven't reported if they've sent out official invites. And I'd expect they would soon if their interviews are that early.
  13. Just finished my preliminary interview with PI at Texas Tech and he said they plan to meeting on January 11th and communicate interview offers that week.
  14. Y'all, after getting absolutely no calls or emails the last season I applied, it feels beyond amazing to be able to post in this thread. Am still on the verge of crying realizing that everything I've done over the past 2 years truly has made me a better candidate. School: Texas Tech Type: Clinical PhD Date of invite: December 9 Type of invite: Email from POI for preliminary Zoom interview Interview date(s): Friday or next week, TBD DM for POI: Yes
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