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  1. Sorry clogging this up I just need to let some “AAAAHAHAAHHAHGGGGGG” frustrations out. Y’all I am a nervous wreck seeing all the invites go out and still no peep from any school/POI! but forreal I am very happy for everyone that has been accepted//interviewed//etc! (I just want to hear somethinggggg even if it’s a rejection at this point) ❤️
  2. I definitely agree! i think if the rejection came from a mass email/“admissions” address it may be a bit more difficult (depends on the school). I only say this because I know of some univ that state on their website they “are unable to provide feedback after rejections”. However, a follow up of thanks/etc (especially to a POI) could prove to be helpful and insightful. Best of luck. This is my first round as well and I haven’t heard anything yet. ❤️
  3. Hey y'all, question time (This is my first time applying and I am very nervous..) On the results page I've noticed some people have gotten prelim emails/etc from southern mississippi (my top choice). I haven't gotten any emails yet (boooo) so I am anxiously waiting. However, in my student profile on USM website, they have already assigned me a student id? didn't know if that was just for application purposes? Any advice/calming words of wisdom would be appreciated
  4. I am also a first-time applicant and this process is so nerve-wracking. I just found this forum today. Good luck ❤️
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