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  1. I would agree that its best to research the programs as best you can and email the coordinators asking specifically about what prerequisites you need. Often they won't pre-assess your eligibility so sending your transcript may not be helpful. But you can ask for a number of credit hours or what courses are required. You could then take these courses as a non-degree/community student at a university or community college to fill the requirements, or may even be able to take them online.
  2. Hi everyone! I am looking for grad programs in school psychology or child psychology that do not require a BA in psychology in either the US or Canada. I have done a lot of research into Canadian programs and it seems like all of them require a BA in psychology. Does anyone know of any US programs or schools that are more lenient or do not have this requirement? Or any advice on navigating this switch? I did my BSc in Life Sciences. I have taken a lot of psychology courses throughout my undergrad, have research experience (though it is more medical), and I have a lot of experience working with kids with disabilities. I'm feeling a little discouraged that my major may prevent me from advancing into a masters or grad program in the field I'm interested in. Also, I am a bit confused about the US grad school system. In Canada, most masters programs progress directly into a PhD, but it seems like in the US a masters isn't necessary? Any thoughts on if it would be beneficial to apply to US masters programs before PhD programs? Would really appreciate any insight at all!
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