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  1. Also how I heard about my acceptance (same time frame as well)! The way I see it its very unlikely they would take time out of their day to reject you. High hopes for you - good luck!!
  2. This is a great question! I am honestly confused about this too. The job I'm working in now is in a large psychiatric hospital with a population that is the same that I'll be studying in graduate school. The wonderful thing is that I'm currently working on a study where I'm getting to know my other collaborators who are leaders in research in that population (developed significant scales, etc). However, the bad part of that is that I never told my supervisor I applied when I got hired in December (she never asked and there's an understanding that many people go off to school so I never told he
  3. THIS!!! Also I am stealing the phrase "anxiety hangover" because that is a perfect way to describe. I went on grad cafe more AFTER i got in than before just as something to do to revel in that admissions process again. It is so crazy! I'm just going to take it day by day and try to invest some time in hobbies...
  4. Yes, exactly! Hopefully you'll feel better after you submit your acceptance!
  5. Thank you, I appreciate that ☺️☺️ Definitely feel like I have the imposter syndrome. I think trying to be more present sounds like a good idea.. it's so weird, I never thought I'd feel this way. Generally when people get into grad programs like this, I've more so heard of them being anxious about being able to tackle the workload.
  6. Thank you! Yes, I'm hoping time will help ... it almost feels like time is dragging on though because I still have 6 months to go before I start and I want to start now!
  7. Thank you, YES, this is EXACTLY how I'm feeling. While this was just my second time applying, I've been preparing for this goal for the past 5 years. It feels like everything I did was working toward it and now its just... over? I mean it's great but I have no idea what to do with my spare time. I'm working full-time but at the same time I'm used to working FT and then planning for grad apps/studying for GRES in the PM. It's hard to believe it' all over. But that you, I'll try my best to enjoy and remind myself of my accomplishment 😅
  8. Hi everyone, So I recently got accepted to my top school for clinical psychology and for some reason I'm stressing the f--- out. Let me back up a bit. So, this is my second year applying. Last year I applied to a bunch of schools, got to the interview phase for one school, and got rejected. It was a mindfuck. Throughout my correspondence with my POIs I received consistent feedback that I was an excellent applicant and they seemed genuinely interested in taking me on. In fact, when I met with my primary supervisor we met and talked for over 2 HOURS! Fast forward to interview day, my i
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