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  1. Trying not to panic. I submitted my app to Kent State yesterday and the app states it's missing my GRE scores though I sent them back in May when I took it. I hope it won't be considered late because it took a while to connect my GRE scores with my app. Should I email admissions about the issue?
  2. Hi all, I submitted my application to Ball State University today, but I didn't realize that the only way you can submit supplemental materials like your statement of purpose, CV and a writing sample is through an online portal that you will get access 1 to 2 business days after the submission of the general application. The problem is that there aren't any business days left before the deadline! My supplemental materials will be submitted late! I emailed admissions and the department of interested with the supplemental documents attached and explained that I will not have access to the online portal before the December 1 deadline. Is there anything else I can do? How screwed am I?
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