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  1. If you haven't already, get the Insider's guide to clinical psych program. It has everything about all the programs (funding, theoretical orientation, practice/research oriented) and you can look at the acceptance rate of each to get a realistic idea of your chances. Other good, funded/partially funded PsyD programs I know are Baylors, Indiana State U and IUP. A quick search in Gradcafe should provide you more in-depth information like this post. Many balanced PhD programs give students the option to tailor their degree accordingly to their interest, it's not uncommon that people do only the minimal required research work to do more clinical hours or vice versa. IMO, you should focus more on exploring your interest and the fit between you and the programs as that's arguably the biggest factor of all (Personal statement+LORs).
  2. I was in your situation and only after a throughout research and talking to a lot of clinical students I concluded that good PsyD program = Balanced PhD program. I applied to a mix of PsyD and balanced PhD programs and ended up getting accepted by a fully funded PhD program (rejected by all the PsyD progs I applied to, ironically). Good PsyD programs are easier to get into with little research background (I had 0 pubs) and all PhD programs are extremely research oriented are myths. At the end of the day, it's all about fit. Out of all the PsyD programs you listed, I believe that Rutgers is top tier, Palo Alto, Yeshiva, U of Denver are okay but very expensive, don't know much about Hartford, GWU but the last few programs don't have excellent reputation from what I know. Aside from good outcome data, having a small cohort size is extremely important. I definitely recommend swapping most of the PsyD programs for funded, balanced PhD programs!
  3. Did my undergrad at the UMN and it was a wonderful experience! Do you mind sharing the initial of your PI? Just out of curiosity as I worked for one of the faculty member and we are going to have a cup of coffee together next week!
  4. Bowling green state university - Clinical psychology PhD. Feel free to hit me up if that's where you're going!
  5. Congratulations to everyone! We can now finally sleep in peace at night. Can't believe that I will have the chance to post on this thread.. It was really a make or break situation for me as I student visa is expiring and I will have to fly back to the US if I were to apply again next year, which I won't be able to afford because the airfare is freaking expensive. There's a good chance that I might just have to give up my dream and pursue something else if I didn't get in this year. I've really came a long way from a rural area of a small country in South East Asia where I haven't spoken English until I was in college. First generation college student and my grandmother didn't even really understand me when I told her about my acceptance this morning. But here I am! 9000 miles away from family and friends but I am so thankful for all the unconditional support from them! Finally I got the chance to make my dream come true! I'll definitely go back to my country to spend time with my family before I'm stuck in the US for the next 5,6 years lol. I'll maybe come back around July just to deal with the moving, housing and car! Meanwhile, I'll let the good news sink in because I'm still having a hard time believing all of this! Congrats again to all of you who made it! It was a really hard and torturing process and I still feel like an impostor!
  6. Hi all! This is my first round of application and I was lucky enough to receive 2 interview offers from Indiana State U and Bowling Green State U. It might be too early to ask for advice now since I am nowhere near getting an offer yet. But I figured I'll ask for more opinions to have a better idea of how people think about these 2 programs and what should I expect from them! I know the outcome and other data tells a lot about the program. The internship placement rate for Indstate is 100% for the past 6 years and the all time licensure rate is 97% (69/71). BGSU on the other hand, has a internship placement rate of 100% for the past 3 years and their licensure rate is 90% (60/67). Both programs are funded, and Indstate has a average completion time of 5.5 yrs Vs. BGSU's 6.3 yrs. PDF version: Indstate: https://www.indstate.edu/cas/sites/arts.indstate.edu/files/Psychology/Student Admissions%2C Outcomes%2C and Other Data_0_3.pdf BGSU: https://www.bgsu.edu/content/dam/BGSU/college-of-arts-and-sciences/psychology/documents/graduateprogram/DisclosureDataAPA.pdf PsyD programs are generally being criticized for having inferior research training but I have spoken to a few indstate's graduates and they all have a lot of good things to say about the research opportunities offered by the program. One of them even finished the program with 7 publications. Personally my goal would be practicing while staying active in conducting research and I feel like both programs would prepare me well for that. Does anyone happened to graduate from either one of those schools and feeling like giving some advice? Thank you so much! Sorry for grammar, English wasn't my first language!
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