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  1. I completely rewrote my statement from scratch 3 times before I ended up with something I'm satisfied with. Don't be afraid to start over if you've gotten some good direction. Also, showing it to multiple people is really helpful-- you'll know when you're almost there when the suggestions for revision become increasingly minor. If you're feeling burned out, just put the statement away for a week or two and commit to not even looking at it. Go back in with fresh eyes later and your revisions will be much more productive.
  2. I’m applying to social/personality programs straight out of undergrad! It’s definitely stressful to know that I’m competing against applicants with much more extensive research experience from RAships and whatnot. I’m trying to focus on emphasizing fit in my applications, as well as showing the skills I’ve gained from the research I’ve done, to make up for it. We’ll see how it goes😆
  3. NYU actually isn't on my list anymore, but I can PM you the initials for UNC!
  4. I sent out inquiry emails to the professors on my list, and I'm beginning to get responses back. My issue though is that I don't know whether it would be more polite to reply back with a brief "thank you" or not waste their time with another email at all. I would assume this depends on whether the professor says they are accepting applications or not? Even still, some of the emails from professors saying they are not accepting apps have been quite nice, and my instinct is to still thank them for their time. What are your thoughts?
  5. So happy this was finally posted! I've been lurking forever haha. I'm a current (rising?) undergrad senior at a top 10 university double majoring in neuroscience and psychology. I'm interested broadly in the role of individual differences in emotion, self-esteem, and social cognition. Also interested in social/personality neuroscience. Still haven't narrowed down my list of schools yet (and by the way things are going, might still add more to the list), but currently, I'm looking at UC Berkeley, Columbia, UO, NEU, Ohio State, UT Austin, UC Davis, UNC, UMN, Penn State, Wash U, Stanford, NYU, and U Denver. Looking forward to spending this journey with you all
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