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  1. I got accepted to a clinical psych program that guarantees full tuition and a stipend. The stipend is on the lower end--I've talked to people in the program who make do with it, but they said it's not uncommon for people to take out a small loan. I wanted to ask you guys about what you personally did to prepare for school financially. I don't want to take out unnecessary loans, but I also don't want to worry financially if something came up. I was thinking of taking out 10k in loans for the first year, just to give myself some padding. Ideally I won't take out any loans after this--it's really just for financial stability as I spend the next 5 or so years in school. What do you guys think? I've worried about finances all my life, so I need some advice as to whether this makes sense. To add, I don't have debt from undergrad and I will be splitting rent with my boyfriend (however, I don't want to base anything on him and his income at the moment). (Edit: this would be an unsubsidized FAFSA loan) Thanks guys
  2. Hi guys, After months of stress and hard work, I got into a program I'm extremely excited about. Now I want to plan for the move and transition to grad school. Are there any resources or checklists you guys have found useful for this? And I mean the whole nine yards--apartment searching, what to pack (I'll be moving out of state for the first time), useful materials for classes, phone apps, etc. I'm so bored being quarantined and out of a job, so I want to work on something productive lol
  3. Been scouring the forums for a post about it but couldn’t find anything. Has anyone got accepted from UMKC - University of Missouri Kansas City? Or simple know whether their cohort has been filled for Fall 2020?
  4. As far as clinical settings go, is there a difference in the settings and populations you can work with if you get a PhD in counseling over a masters? Or does the difference between the two purely rely in research and academia?
  5. If anyone here went to ETSU's interview day and is willing to DM me, please do! Just trying to see who has gotten acceptances on this forum and who is waiting to hear back. I'm in the latter group but am still vaguely holding on hope for good news.
  6. To the person who got accepted to ETSU—could you please PM me with your PI initials? Thanks and congrats!
  7. I agree with what joy66888 said--I feel like my relationships deepened with my family when I told them about my rejections. I don't want to explain too much, but applying for a clinical psych program this year for me was pretty risky and not a decision I believed my family supported in the beginning. When I finally broke down and told my mother about the outcome of my application process, we had such a good conversation that reminded me one super important thing: no matter what happens in my life, I'm surrounded by so much unconditional love. My family, my partner, and my friends have all shown me that over the past few months. As difficult as this process has been, it's also allowed me to realize that I'm cared for no matter what. Please don't underestimate how compassionate people can be and also how universal rejection and failure is. We all know what it's like. Especially your professors, who have all gone through their unique journeys to get their degree that's surely riddled with failures and difficulties. They'll understand more than you think, and I promise they won't think less of you. Good luck. I hope this next week brings you lots of joy.
  8. I had previous correspondence with my POI for one of the schools and after not hearing back when others seemed to get invites she informed me about the waitlist. I decided to call the other school and they informed me I was on an alternate list. So for both scenarios, it didn’t seem like they were planning on informing me and I only found out after probing lol
  9. That's awesome. If I could ask, were you asked any specific questions regarding the statistical methods used in your research? I've been practicing, but I trip over my words a LOT when talking about this. I probably have a much more limited stats background than others here honestly. I always feel like I'm relearning what everything means.
  10. Any tips for a panel interview? How does this differentiate from one-on-ones in terms of questions?
  11. It's definitely the lack of sleep I got last night but your sentence about the interviews being fun honestly made me emotional lol. I'm so nervous for my interview this weekend, and I'm really afraid I'll be drilled with questions intended to pressure me--I think it's because grad school seems so foreign and the people in it so intimidating. I'm really glad you had fun. It gives me a lot of hope that interview day will just be me talking about my favorite subject and making good connections with people.
  12. Right? I'm trying to be optimistic, but I'm also terrified that they're going to ask me a question that I haven't anticipated or something wild will happen and just ruin everything. I really hope everything works out for the both of us. At the very, very least this interview will be a learning opportunity for us and will give us a lot of insight for next application season.
  13. Officially ended this application season with only one interview. I'm proud of myself for getting one, but I'm also really nervous that I don't have anything to fall back on if this doesn't work out. Good news is that this was one of my top 3 schools. Bittersweet news is that I got waitlisted for interviews on my other two top slots. It gives me confidence if I have to apply next year--I know I have a good vision for where I belong. It also sucks, because I feel like I'm barely missing the mark.
  14. Whoever posted that they were rejected from UMKC today--could you please PM me? I would like to know if this was a generic email or a PI-specific one. Alternatively, if you have any idea whether invites have been extended already, I would also like to know that. Thank you thank you thank you.
  15. Just wanted to ask again if anyone has heard from their POI at the University if Missouri- Kansas City!! Editing to add interview invites too!
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