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  1. Different background than OP's, but this "stepping stone" approach paid off for me. Happy to answer any questions (particularly about W&M).
  2. Clinical Psych PhD here, but I'm a humanities guy at heart, so hoping to mingle beyond my program. Hope to see you all in person in the fall.
  3. Anyone else coming to Columbia TC for clinical?
  4. School: Teachers College at Columbia Type of Program: Clinical Psychology Acceptance Date: 2/20/2020 School: Boston University Type of Program: Clinical Psychology Acceptance date: 2/21/2020
  5. I interviewed with a program last week, and am sure that I won't be attending, in light of other offers. Should I reach out to tell them to take me out of consideration? Would rather them focus on people who might actually go.
  6. School: Teachers College, Columbia University Type: PhD Clinical Psychology Date of invite: 2/4 Type of invite: E-mail from POI Interview date(s): 2/13
  7. Just got a late invite from one of my schools, which wrote that at the time they started review, they had not received my GRE score—which I sent on 12/1, the application deadline. I had been tossed into the incomplete pile and only recently spotted. Granted, I now know that ETS sent it out several days later, but now I'm beginning to wonder if this could have been part of the story for 3 other schools whose applications were due on 12/1, to whom I sent GRE scores on the same day. Is it worth reaching out to investigate this possibility?
  8. Ironically, they were one of only 2 schools whose fee waiver application rules applied to me...
  9. I got mine before Christmas, but I get the sense it was PI-specific. PM me yours?
  10. Villanova as well. FWIW, William & Mary is the most generous, and might be the only one that guarantees full funding + stipend for all.
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