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  1. This is my first application cycle on gradcafe and I have had trouble figuring out where I stand in the pool of applicants, hopefully you guys can help! Schools: Berkeley, MIT, Duke, Michigan, Wisconsin, Yale, Ohio State, Stony Brook PROFILE: Type of Undergrad Institution: Pretty well regarded land-grant institution, R1 school Major(s)/Minor(s): Psychology Major, Political Science Minor Undergrad GPA: 3.4 with 3.65 Psych major GPA (3.74 political science minor GPA) My grades were lower my first 1.5 years in college due to being in a stem program, they were ~3.6-3.7 the
  2. Hey guys, I've been applying to Lab Manager/Research Coordinator type positions to get more experience for grad school, and my undergraduate professor suggested to me that I perhaps apply to some Master's programs because I switched in my 3rd year into Psychology, and my GPA is a bit lower because I'm coming from an Engineering Background. I can't afford a Master's program that costs money/that I couldn't support myself from. Does anyone know schools that have Social Psychology/General Psych Master's programs that allow you to research/TA in order to pay for your tuition? Thanks
  3. Hello, I've been lurking around here for a little while and really appreciate all the great advice you guys give. Thought I'd ask this question here because I'm in a bit of a weird situation - my Overall GPA is pretty meh (3.3 Cumulative) due to my major being Engineering for my Freshman and Sophomore Years of College, even though my Psych Gpa is a lot better (3.6). My GREs are pretty good - 162 Verbal (90th percentile) 161 Quant (78th percentile) 4.5 Analytical Writing (81st percentile) I have strong recommendations and research experience, but am unsu
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