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  1. McMaster has sent out offers and to my understanding also informed people who were wait-listed.
  2. When I interviewed at York a couple of years ago it was both. There was a lot of general info with an itinerary that included a tour of the psych facilities, but also individual interviews with your supervisor and their grad students. Things may have changed with COVID though (aside from just being virtual).
  3. Get in touch with the grad admin handling applications. It's well before due dates, I'm sure they'll understand and make the change in your application.
  4. Hi, if you're not a Canadian citizen I would firstly look into whether or not programs will be accepting any international students this year. Some schools don't consider international students for their clinical programs, and this may be more common this year because of COVID-19. This also affects funding, because as international student you won't be able to apply for CGS-M, which is the main source of funding students entering Master's programs apply for. There's been a lot of discussion this year about GREs because of COVID-19, if you look through the thread you'll find a resources pe
  5. Absolutely! It shows that your application is deserving of funding. You just list it like you would any award, but put "(declined)" at the end.
  6. I received an official acceptance to McMaster RCT late last week and have released my offer to UWindsor Neuropsych. I hope somebody who applied here gets it! If anybody else headed to McMaster wants to get in touch, please feel free to send me a message!
  7. I didn't get invited to interview, but haven't received an official rejection yet. People on the results page received acceptances ~10 days ago, so I'd assume you're on the waitlist. About 4 students seem to make it from the waitlist each year, so I wouldn't lose hope!
  8. Heard from a current UTSC grad student today that the department sent out all of their offers, and that all offers were accepted 😕
  9. For our purposes, it means the same thing 😕 But it does mean that it wasn't necessarily that your application wasn't strong enough, just that there wasn't a good fit with the professors recruiting students this cycle. Were you in touch with a prof before applying?
  10. Got an offer from McMaster today! Shocked because we had interviews just this past weekend, but also absolutely ecstatic!
  11. Ah, sorry! Won't be able to say much about that. Didn't apply there and everything seems quiet from them. Typically I think it's just professors who reach out to interview students over Skype/phone for them, I don't think it would hurt to send an email. Did you reach out to them before applying?
  12. Hey! To be completely honest, I don't think this forum topic is the best resource to answer your question. This topic is specifically for Canadian clinical psychology programs, all of which have stopped taking applications for Fall 2020, and some have already started giving out acceptances. This is also the case for the Canadian experimental psychology Master's programs I've seen, though there may be some programs still applications.
  13. Received an informal offer from my Windsor POI for Neuropsych! My application still has to go through some committees and the Dean before a formal offer, but I'm very excited.
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