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  1. Hey! Does anyone have any valuable and free online course suggestions?
  2. Hey folks! To decline an offer from Lakehead's HBSW - do you "Withdraw Choice" on OUAC? Just want to make sure I'm doing it right! Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi everyone. I just received an acceptance to Lakehead's HBSW at the Orillia campus. I will be declining as I have decided to go elsewhere so a spot will open up. Best of luck!
  4. Hi friends - I received an acceptance to Laurier's 2-year on campus MSW today (around 4:30) but will be attending UofT instead so a spot will open up! Congratulations to everyone that heard!
  5. I am also wondering this. I also would like to confirm that you must pay the 500$ (via ACORN) and submit the form (via email) by April 19th. The other two requirements (Code of Ethics and Online Training) must be done and signed at later dates (given on each form). Or should I aim to submit everything by April 19th?
  6. Is there a Facebook page for the 2020-2022 MSW at UofT?
  7. Does anyone know how their current academic institution will send final transcripts to UofT?
  8. Yay okay - same here!!! I applied to Laurier's full-time 2 year program as well as Lakehead's HBSW 1 year program and I am still waiting to hear from both of those schools. However, I'm leaning towards UofT at the moment!
  9. My exact feelings! Once I have further confirmation, I will be able to relax and celebrate. Congratulations though! Hope to see you there!
  10. I'm also wondering this!
  11. yes that is where mine showed up!
  12. I just logged onto my ACORN and saw that I was invited to the 2-year MSW. ANYONE ELSE?!?!!??! ITS A SUNDAY????
  13. okay good to know!! thank you!
  14. Anyone have an idea of when we will hear for the 2-year stream from Laurier and UofT?
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