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  1. I got in the MT program on Feb 6, which is super exciting.Congratulations to those who also got accepted. For those who are still waiting don't loose hope. You got this! Does anyone know where I can find affordable rooms off campus? My current budget is $600-1000 and hope to live closer to campus. I'm already looking at all the fb pages for room rentals and Uoft's website too. Let me know if you guys know any other place I should look at.
  2. For those of you who applied to UofT for MSW program (2 year), does your status also says "documents pending"? I looked and everything's already submitted except the optional demographic questionnaire. I'm wondering if it's because of that or should I call and ask them?
  3. Hi! That's awesome! I was wondering what kind of social work experience did u have prior to applying for the 2 year MSW program at Laurier? Thanks
  4. Hi! Congratulations! Where are you doing your MSW from?
  5. Does anyone know how is the acceptance rate if we apply for MSW out of our province? Also, what are the pros and cons of it?
  6. I'm still waiting for that too! I just hope we hear the good news soon. Also, I'm thinking of upgrading my research methods since UofT wants 75% in it, but idk how I still got waitlisted. Does anyone know if I should still upgrade those grades?
  7. Hey! I'm on the exact boat as you are except I got waitlisted for the 2-year program. I'm really re-evaluating if Social Work is really for me. I'm also considering to re-apply for next year. I'm planning to apply for B.Ed too as a backup and see what happens. I've also heard that the Ford government is cutting down the social work jobs so I'm also taking that in my re-evaluation.
  8. That really gives me hope. Thank you!
  9. OMG ikr!! It's so frustrating seriously.. I'm hoping to hear back from UofT and maybe Windsor by end of June. I just hope they don't end up telling us by August -___-
  10. Congratulations!!! That's so exciting. I got waitlisted at UofT and Windsor and I hope I get into UofT as well. If you don't mind me asking what was your GPA for the last 2 years and what kind of social service experience did you have?
  11. I'm in the same boat right now! I got waitlisted at Windsor too 😕
  12. Does anyone know what I should do? So about 2 weeks ago I contacted Windsor U about my app status still showing "waiting for confidential reports" since Feb. They told me that the system messed up by duplicating one of my referees so they fixed it and changed the status to "in process". And today when I tried to log in, the system is all blank and there's no app status nothing. This is getting quite frustrating and I have contacted the grad secretary about this. Does anyone know who else I should contact since it's getting out of control? Is anyone else experiencing the same thing?
  13. Do you know how many people are usually on the waitlist? Also, do they ever send out an email if we don't get off the waitlist?
  14. Thank you so much for updating us with the info! That's so frustrating tbh. I'm also still waiting for Windsor and idk when they will send their acceptances. My status still says waiting for confidential reports 😕 I sort of have hopes from UoT as I got waitlisted, but still what are the chances.
  15. I'm still waiting too but for 2 year msw. Anyone else still waiting to hear back from Windsor?
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