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  1. Yes it has changed to decision made and there’s a document attached to that (this is within SGS) with that letter another person screenshot
  2. Email that linked to my SGS, same as last year. Expecting the mailed letter stating the same thing in the next few days
  3. I was waitlisted too!!! Second times a charm?!
  4. EXACT same boat...!!!! Really don’t want to be waitlisted again that was so terrible not knowing for sure until basically september :(!
  5. I don’t think they change at the same time from what I remember last year. They kind of roll out/come in waves... I remember some people thinking it was even alphabetical last year? Weird but could be true... Also, if you’re waitlisted (I was last year) your ACORN does not change. The wait list is long and not numbered so it’s impossible to know if you’ll move off it or not. Fingers crossed this isn’t “it” and are just the beginning of the acceptances!!
  6. Congrats to all who have received u of t acceptances! Would someone mind attaching a screenshot of how their acorn account looks from a PHONE? Mine still looks the same, no invited. Freaking out!! TIA
  7. Sounds like it’s just 1 year advanced standing UofT, they hear first
  8. Thanks- this is helpful- I’m very much jumping the gun here! I just looked at the letter I got when I was waitlisted and saw it was dated March 27. Hoping and praying to get an “invited” this time! Thanks for your response
  9. I did that but it says this... “you are not eligible for course enrolment. For assistance, please contact your registrar or graduate department” nowhere does it say I even I applied to anything.... !? Is this normal? I applied for 2 year to maybe it’s not showing up because of that?
  10. Hi everyone- I have an ACORN login but I cannot see if I’m “invited” or not... the program does not show up, nor can I seem to find it when I search for it- does anyone know the program code? SGS as we all know is slow to update. I am not a past U of T student- is that the problem? Hoping someone can help me! This is my second time applying, was wailisted last year. Thanks!!
  11. So happy to be waitlisted! And so thankful for this little community
  12. You got the acceptance* in the mail you mean?! Ah!! Congrats!
  13. Oh man I’m nervous to see if I got a letter when I get home... to those who got a letter that saying waitlisted- is your ACORN updated? Also has anyone received an acceptance letter today who have not had their ACORN change yet?
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