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  1. Hi! Sounds good. I actually talked to Maxine as well and she gave me probably the same number. Financial services and admissions are attached to the same number. It was hard to get through, lots of waiting but defs let me know if you're told anything different!
  2. Hi! I also got into the post-grad York program and couldn't find anything about funding. I called the student financial office and they told me that there is no entry funding associated with this program, because we would be considered transfer students. I also noticed that the program is ineligible for most of their scholarships as well as they are usually for first-year undergrads (high school students), and master's students. There might be bursaries or other funding opportunities for in-semester or the winter semester. To be honest, I was really surprised by the lack of funding, given Yor
  3. Ok great! I saw those but I wasn't sure if they gave out any entrance scholarships for the post-degree program, nothing was mentioned in the acceptance letter but I know York doesn't usually cheap out on students haha. If you accept let me know! I will be accepting the program while staying on the waitlist for UofT 2-year. My understanding of the York program is that it's very macro and social justice based, similar to their masters program. It's also very flexible, when I spoke to the admissions person, she said you can chose to schedule all your classes to just 2 days a week, which is
  4. Hi! I got accepted to the York post-degree program about 2 weeks ago. I'm still on the waitlist for UofT. I'm just wondering, have you got any information about funding for the post-degree at York? i.e. if there is any? 😅
  5. Hoping to see some movement next week once the acceptance deadline has passed!
  6. Anyone accepted to the UofT 2-year MSW planning on declining? 👀
  7. I saw from last year's forum the earliest someone heard was about 3 weeks after acceptances went out. Most people heard about a week to 3 weeks after the deadline to accept an offer passed which I believe this year is May 8th/9th. Hopefully we'll see some movement in mid May!
  8. Email at 12:32am to check SGS - waitlisted. Happy to hear before the weekend! Last name O.
  9. Just got a notification at 12:32am via email that I got waitlisted. Confused as to why so late at night but happy to hear before the weekend! Some closure at least! Last name O.
  10. I'm heartbroken, I can't believe they're going to let the rest of us who haven't heard agonize over this all weekend, just to most likely receive a rejection. I can't see any good news coming out after tonight. not very hopeful, thanks for the best wishes
  11. Still haven't heard from UofT, really hard not having any closure going into the weekend...preparing myself for a rejection. Going to be a tough weekend
  12. Agreed! I find it odd there was almost no word of acceptances, rejections or waitlist offers from like M - R. I would have thought they would be popular letters. Maybe different people are assigned different clumps of the alphabet and the person with this group is really behind?
  13. Are we thinking they're done sending out acceptances?
  14. I haven't heard anything, last name O. This level of disorganization is killing me! Really don't want to go into the weekend wondering and hoping...
  15. brutal, I don't know what to think lol. O is a pretty common letter, you'd think there would be more.
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