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Hello, everyone!!  Currently getting a spreadsheet set up for my application process -- super stoked to get going on this.  I'm planning to apply for sure to U of T, York, Ryerson, and McMasters; thinking about Laurier and Carleton.  Also planning on applying for some of the big scholarships to hopefully get some money together to finance my studies, so planning to start working on that as well.

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I applied recently to the May '22 start at Laurier.

I'm only applying to distance schools this go around, because I have a full time job and a mortgage! I've been volunteering or working in the field since ~2007 ahead of my BSW start.


  • ~25,000 hours of paid/volunteer social work experience (residential youth care-2yr, child protection-3yr, emergency social services-5yr, disaster services-5yr, two BSW placements, forensic mental health); 20k was after BSW
  • 2011 3.4/4 BSW, 2021 3.5/4 BA in Law/Sociology and Psych, Indigenous Studies certificate
  • 88.3% over last ten courses (30 CH)
  • 80% over last twenty courses (60 CH)
  • 81% over last ten BSW courses
  • Research assistant/teaching assistant for two semesters during BSW

Considering a thesis route and was approached by someone in my field of interest based on coursework completed during my BA/Indigenous Studies Cert so having an existential crisis over that, but that is for another day to solve!


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