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  1. Congrats on being waitlisted!! I am not sure if the application was the same but I did have to answer two questions that were 500 words each. I'll send you my statement over DM if you want to take a look!
  2. Hi everyone! ☺️ I wanted to give a HUGE thank you for the support on this forum, it really got me through some nail-biting times. I wanted to share my stats/results for anyone looking at this from the future. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts and graduated with a 3.7 GPA (4.3 scale). I have over 6 years/8000hrs professional working experience as an arts administrator/programmer and 1000hrs of volunteer experience (social justice, environmental, and arts-related). Results from this year: Carleton University (2-year in-person) - Offer of admission Dalhousie University (2-year in-person) - Offer of admission Wilfred Laurier University (2-year in-person) - Offer of admission (Accepted) University of Toronto (2-year in-person) - Waitlisted University of Toronto-ITR (2-year online) - Rejected I officially declined my offers at Carleton and Dalhousie yesterday and I am hoping this means some good news is coming for some folks on the waitlist! I was really unsure whether I would get in anywhere this year and I am so happy I tried anyways. Anyone needing any support or encouragement please reach out - so many people helped me this year and I would love to pay it forward. xx
  3. Hey hey! Sorry for the delay. I tried to join the Laurier MSW group (general one) on Facebook but no one has approved me yet, seems it might be a little inactive. I have sent some private messages to members of past Laurier groups whose profiles weren't private!
  4. Received an acceptance to the Laurier 2-year MSW! I have already accepted Carleton but need to have a re-think about this.. Laurier was my first choice initially but I was enticed by Carleton's funding.. For anyone deliberating, I reached out to some alumni via program Facebook groups and I have found it VERY helpful. Need to do that now for Laurier before I make a final decison I think. Congrats to everyone who has heard back from Laurier and York!! <3
  5. Joining the waitlisted for UofT club ? I'm not super interested in waiting another year to apply just to stay in Toronto so i've conditionally accepted the offer from Carleton. I would have loved to go to Dalhousie just to be on the east coast but perhaps its not a wise to spend a bunch of money just to go live by the sea~~~~~~~~~~~ To be honest I didn't notice much of a difference between the Carleton and Dalhousie programs - does anyone have any insights into any big differences between the two? Sending love to all you waitlisted babes out there, you are worthy.
  6. Big congratulations to everyone who has been accepted at UofT!! It's such an accomplishment! I walked past the FIFSW building this weekend while dropping a friend off at work, weird to put the real place with all this nebulous applying. I'm anticipating a rejection or waitlist coming my way which I think i've accepted now.. just will be a little disappointed to have to leave my home! Anyone know if its possible to commute in to Laurier from Toronto? Lol i'm getting ahead of myself but good to think about..
  7. I'm sorry you haven't heard back yet @hertl12 ❤️ I know its super stressful especially as others hear back. Don't give up hope just yet! Which schools did you apply to?
  8. I was talking to my partner last night who is a computer programmer about rolling admissions (nervously waiting on UofT over here) and he told me he'd be suprised if they were rolling out admissions alphebetically and that it would be more likely if it's an automated system that they are rolling out based on something like time of application submission. No idea about any of this but I am choosing to hold out some hope!
  9. This is an A++ level of perseverence! I'm so impressed! Well deserved acceptance ❤️
  10. Aw I feel you my dude! It's hard not to get down on yourself when it comes down to the wire.. I had a follow up interview with an administrator from the MSW-ITR program at UofT and she let me know that acceptance can vary so much year to year depending on who is applying and it doesn't often have to do with your eligibility for the program. I still got rejected but I guess it stings a little less when someone tells you you're still worthy (in theory) ?
  11. If nothing has changed in Acorn at this point for us with A-K initials, is it likely that we haven't been accepted? Does UofT release acceptances alphabetically?
  12. The anxiety! I'm also waiting to hear back about the 2-Year MSW at UofT, domestic student last name C - no news yet!
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