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  1. andddddddd MyFile has informed me that I have been rejected at York. I didn't receive an email or anything, the status just changed. for those still waiting, keep checking! it seems like they update it sporadically. my MSW prospects are slowly dwindling, hope the ones waiting will have better luck 🤞
  2. for anyone that applied to Dalhousie's BSW, they will be mailing their decisions mid-May
  3. I just received my rejection via email and SGS. congratulations to everyone that got in and good luck to those still waiting
  4. thank you so much for this! good luck to everybody still waiting.
  5. am I the only one that finds it strange that emails are rolling out at this hour? I don't think this happened last year
  6. I'm in the same boat. not sure if I should accept this as a rejection or continue endlessly refreshing ACORN
  7. another week with no news, it's gotta be next week right??? 🤞 hang in there everyone, enjoy your weekend!!!
  8. congrats!!! in the meantime, cannot. stop. refreshing.
  9. that is a long, long wait. I hope it's worth it. did you apply to that program as well?
  10. is it the same for part time as well?
  11. no I haven't heard back from anywhere yet, just trying to remain calm while waiting 😅 exciting to see that acceptances are starting to roll out though! and so happy you got into ryerson regardless of whether you choose to go there or not
  12. no I haven't heard anything, but I applied to the two year program so I think I'll hear back a little bit later. I didn't get super amazing marks in undergrad so I know U of T is a long shot, but thought I should apply anyway.
  13. I actually remember you from last year's MSW forum when I was lurking all day everyday. should I get rejected by U of T again this year, I will definitely remember what you wrote here to refine my application. thank you for sharing your experience!
  14. me!!! second time applying this year, I really hope it works out. last year I didn't hear back until beginning of April.
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