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  1. Hi that is really odd, particularly because they send rejection letters but thank you so much for letting me know.
  2. Can anyone shed light on this? I guess I will talk to Laurier on Monday.. it’s just scary because I’ll be missing the ryerson deadline
  3. I’m kinda weirded out because I haven’t gotten acceptance letters in the mail from ryerson or Laurier yet they are both appearing on my online portals. I also got a phone call from ryerson...
  4. Did anyone get acceptance packages in the mail from Laurier or ryerson
  5. Through reading this forum I have truly come to see that this process is majorly abour fit .. my advice for future applicants would be first, apply to more than one school and second, read about the schools and their focus areas. See how these programs align with your goals and interests and speak to this in the statement. If it’s the right school your statement should write itself.. I noticed when I was writing my u of t application I really couldn’t get it out of me.. and I was waitlisted! When writing for Laurier and ryerson the flow was evident.. and I was accepted to both!! Anyway.. best of luck
  6. I have heard that you can find out until like April for ryerson! Hang tight. Xx
  7. Ill be accepting my offer to Laurier and declining my offer from ryerson! Best of luck to those on the waitlist XX
  8. Hey guys... I’m struggling to decide between Laurier and ryerson. My interest as I have discussed before is in arts based alternative forms of therapy for people with experiences of trauma and mental health. I hope to open my own practice which makes diverse alternative therapies accessible and anti oppressive. As well I want to continue my research and in arranging community engaged events/ worktshops. Laurier gave me 9000 and ryerson gave me 4000... I’ve lived in Waterloo for a long time so I do know the city but I really had it in my head that I wouldn’t get into Laurier and then became excited by ryerson. Could someone advise me in terms of what is a better fit for me in your eyes? As well as in terms of differences in reputations?
  9. Hey I was sent an email .. I think you get an email when Ramms is updated. You can receive insight into your app until like April with ryerson I heard
  10. Hey, so from Laurier I got 9000$ and from Ryerson I got $4000
  11. Thank you so much!! Have you heard?
  12. Thanks so much girl! congrats to you too. I think that in hindsight schools try to pick good matches and I didn’t fit u of t as well as I fit Laurier and ryerson.
  13. congrats!! Me too did they give you funding
  14. Thanks, although I don’t think I will accept they offered half of the funding of Laurier telephone!!
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