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  1. Thanks so much for all this info! Being from outside of Ontario and the GTA, I feel pretty disconnected from the local politics at both of these campuses. If you have links to some of the practices RE: Ryersons program and wouldn't mind DM'ing them to me, that would be great! I'll try to dig around a bit more as well. Congrats on your acceptances and your decision to go to York! Maybe we'll be in a cohort together this fall
  2. Congratulations on the scholarship and your acceptances! Pro for Ryerson, as trite as it may be, is geography. I'd love to be able to be within close proximity/low commute to the campus and be able to live downtown. I've spoken to a few alumni who have all raved about their experiences at Ryerson, and it seems like it has a good foundation in community-oriented anti-o practice. The main con is cost of tuition; at least compared to York (almost double), and lack of elective offerings. The MRP isn't too much of a deterrent, surprisingly. I have a friend who did his MSW at Ryerson and chose to do
  3. Holy moly, just received an offer for an OGS to Ryerson ($15k) just as I was about to accept an offer to York because of their wild financial package ($18k). Anybody else happen to be in a similar predicament? RE: Contemplating Ryerson v. York; navigating financial decisions alongside program specifics. Would love to hear what others are taking into consideration and weighing!
  4. As far as I know, York's funding blows Ryerson out of the water. I was offered $8k from Ryerson and $18k from York. Think Ryerson's initial funding can fluctuate based on GPA and whatnot, and they said there is sometimes more funding available down the road, but it's not always guaranteed.
  5. Any other folks out here on the forum contemplating acceptances between Ryerson and York? Slide into my DMs! Would love to hear/share what others are sifting through and taking into consideration in the process. ❤️
  6. Advanced Standing. Just checked in with some pals who also applied to the Advanced Standing and they're still waiting to hear back, so hopefully that's a sign that offers are still rolling out! Not sure if 2-Year folks would be hearing back around this time or not.
  7. Just got an offer of admission on my York MyFile! No emails or phone contact! Check check check!
  8. Just got a phone call for an offer of admission to Ryerson! Heads up in case any folks are waiting to hear back
  9. YUPPPP! I still can't get over how their application asks for -substantially more- work than any of the other schools I'm applying to. Best of luck over the next 24 hours!
  10. Holy moly, I just got moved off the York Advanced Standing waitlist and I have no idea what to do. I’d already accepted a job promotion and processed through the feels of reapplying next year. Do folks have any insight or thoughts to share about their decision-making? And in specific, any thought or experience with York’s MSW? I’m a bit hesitant knowing it’s more critical theory-driven and allegedly has less connections to practicum placements - any thoughts are greatly appreciated!
  11. Mine says this too! I'm assuming it may mean either wait list or rejection, but not entirely sure.
  12. I'm just finishing up my BSW at UBC this spring - can't speak to the MSW aspects of the program, but if you have any questions about the School in general, shoot me a DM!
  13. I briefly perused this option and was turned off by 1) the obscene cost of tuition, and 2) that it doesn't seem to be accredited by the CASWE. This doesn't necessarily mean that one won't be able to practice in Canada, but may just present some additional hurdles depending on provincial regulations. Curious to hear what others may think though!
  14. Also got waitlisted! Kind of a bummer given how confident I was about getting in, but in agreement with what some other folks have said that at least it's some form of an answer and can now carry on processing and exploring other options/keeping some fingers crossed for movement on the list.
  15. Thank you so much for this response and the necessary reminder of the dialectical experience of all of this (outcomes not being reflective of us, and also affecting us the same). Sitting with all of those sentiments. Thank you! ❤️
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