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  1. hellohamilton

    Canada MSW 2019

    hey all! has anyone heard back from laurier for the advanced standing msw? anxiously awaiting - also waiting for waterloo and u vic programs. so hard to wait!
  2. hellohamilton

    Canada MSW 2019

    i am cautiously optomistic that i have been accepted to dalhousie! i want to see an offer letter to be 100%. does anyone have any thoughts about dalhousie, u vic and waterloo for online programs? i also applied to laurier advanced standing but i am not sure if i can do an in person program or not as i some flexibility due to parenting obligations and needing to put in as many work hours as possible during coursework time. would love to hear people's opinions. good luck all!
  3. hellohamilton

    Canada MSW 2019

    just checked on my dalhousie web portal thing and it changed to the below. can i assume that i've been accepted? no e-mails or letters received - trying to not get too excited. Application Status: Decision Made Decision: Accepted - Deposit Requested
  4. hellohamilton

    Canada MSW 2019

    eagerly awaiting to hear from a few programs! dalhousie, u vic, laurier & waterloo! all for the advanced msw 2019 - post if anyone has heard anything! waiting is hard.
  5. hellohamilton

    Canada MSW 2019

    ouch. just received notification that i did not get into the MSW program at laurier. not even waitlisted. i wish luck to all those that applied! good luck team ❤️
  6. hellohamilton

    Canada MSW 2019

    hi all! i thought i'd let folks know who are waiting on the laurier program that i e-mailed the administrator and notification will go out mid-october. not a lot of time to plan - yeesh!
  7. hellohamilton

    Canada MSW 2019

    i re-read my e-mails and the admissions person said that they would be notifying folks by late september. i am hoping to hear back soon to work out funding ASAP!

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