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  1. hi all! i made the decision to go ahead with dalhousie so that i can keep up with full-time work so am declining my offers for laurier and waterloo. hope that this helps some folks out who may be on the waitlist. all the best to all. and to all who didn't receive the news that they wanted - keep at it - i was rejected last year and this year got into 3 programs. it is tough, but there is hope. ❤️
  2. mainly just logistical stuff. i live in hamilton and don't have my full license so would need to take public transit - of which there is basically none. as well, i have a toddler and am just not sure if daycare will work out. and i also may have a full-time job offer (fingers crossed) next week which i wouldn't want to leave for school. just a lot of variables. i would LOVE to attend the program as in person learning is so much better, but i will probably go to dalhousie in the end. still mulling it over.
  3. congrats to all those receiving good news - especially about funding! adulting is HARD. i am trying to make a decision. is there anyone from hamilton going into the laurier msw advanced standing program? complications - i don't have my full license yet and my partner needs the car and we can't afford another, so i would likely need to try to figure out carpooling because transit options are not great.
  4. yay! got into laurier! oh gheeze - time to make some decisions. good luck to all <3
  5. laurier. CMMMMOOOONNNNNNN. that's all.
  6. part-time. i am waiting on laurier advanced standing full time.
  7. does anyone have any thoughts on waterloo vs dalhousie? i am leaning towards dalhousie (and good thing as i have paid the fee) but really want to know about laurier! also even though i wasn't super keen on uvic i feel kind of bummed that i didn't get in and want feedback on my application! does anyone else get this way?!?
  8. checked online and have a few updates! received an offer from waterloo and was declined from u victoria. c'mon laurier!
  9. i am in a similar position! i have heard from dal - still waiting for laurier, u vic and waterloo. the wait is so hard! i think i am going to end up paying $200 to secure dalhousie as the deadline for that is march 2nd. erg.
  10. i just wanted to say congratulations to all of those who have received offers, warm thoughts to those who received news they didn't want and patience to those who are refreshing all day (like me!!!!!). it is so hard to wait. i am also wondering if anyone more organized than i has collected the information re: cost of programs? i have been accepted into dalhousie msw advanced standing online and am waiting to hear back from u vic, laurier msw advanced standing in person and waterloo online. realistically cost will be a huge factor in my decision and i thought i'd see if somewhere some i
  11. hey all! has anyone heard back from laurier for the advanced standing msw? anxiously awaiting - also waiting for waterloo and u vic programs. so hard to wait!
  12. i am cautiously optomistic that i have been accepted to dalhousie! i want to see an offer letter to be 100%. does anyone have any thoughts about dalhousie, u vic and waterloo for online programs? i also applied to laurier advanced standing but i am not sure if i can do an in person program or not as i some flexibility due to parenting obligations and needing to put in as many work hours as possible during coursework time. would love to hear people's opinions. good luck all!
  13. just checked on my dalhousie web portal thing and it changed to the below. can i assume that i've been accepted? no e-mails or letters received - trying to not get too excited. Application Status: Decision Made Decision: Accepted - Deposit Requested
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