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  1. I'm sorry I don't know the answer to that question. I am assuming they are going to get all of their offers out first and then send their rejections, but that is only speculation.
  2. I have not heard from them either. I am assuming I didn't get in as I have heard from people (on and off of this forum) that have been accepted or been waitlisted.
  3. From a presentation I went to their admission percentage was still 17% of applicants. Which was the same as Laurier. I think the difference is the sheer number of applicants.
  4. Congratulations! That is so exciting 😃
  5. Unless they are doing emails in waves, I don't think I got in. No email and my admissions page hasn't changed at all yet. Oh well makes my decision process easier I guess =P
  6. Hi @Golden10! Do you mind me asking when you heard from Laurier? Is this a recent development? Thanks! 😃 Update: Never mind I just read the page before this one. Thanks for tipping me off to it!
  7. With respect that is quite a negative and verging on rude outlook. While I haven't read every page of this forum it seems like people have been very positive and supportive of one another. At the same time, no one has posted their personal statements so it is impossible to determine someone's 'WOW' factor as you put it. I find that kind of judgement pretty harsh. I believe everyone here has worked very hard towards their goal, but everyone is at different places along their journey towards that goal. Personally, I applied back in 2016 with what I thought to be a good amount of experience
  8. Thank you!! 4 weeks, which is now 3 weeks... =/
  9. That is ridiculous that they make the deadline so soon. They do it in an attempt to secure applicants, but that us just shady. They know most schools haven't sent out their offers yet.
  10. I'm in a very similar boat! Honestly I'm kind of hoping I don't get accepted to Laurier so I don't have to make a decision... If I do though I'd be happy to review with you and be a sounding board! It's a big decision.
  11. Did you apply to the 2 year or advanced standing? From my understanding, offers are done in stages and 2 year offers go out after advance standing. UofT advance standing went out last week... so hopefully soon! The wait for Laurier is also killing me right now... checking my email FAR TOO OFTEN
  12. Hi! From a quick website search this is what I was able to find. Ryerons: We will start to notify first consideration applicants of admissions decisions in mid-March, and will continue to notify all applicants of an admissions decision on a rolling basis until all available spots have been filled. *https://www.ryerson.ca/socialwork/admissions/msw-faqs/ York: Nothing sorry =/ Hope that helps even just a little!
  13. My best advice is to be professional, reflective, honest, and vulnerable without oversharing. If you use those lenses you should have a great statement! =)
  14. I am in the BSW at Waterloo/Renison right now. Same to similar faculty wise not sure about the courses though.
  15. Thanks! And I'm sorry to hear that. I honestly have no idea, the programs are so different and there would be logistical considerations for both as well. I know it sounds bad but I'm hoping I won't get into Laurier so I don't have to make a decision. I have a feeling I didn't though, with the way they calculated my admissions average I was just barely above the acceptable level, so not very competitive.
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