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  1. I got waitlisted for the 1 year advanced standing at York u, and offered an admission to the 2 year part time advanced standing. I declined as I will be going to U of T. Just letting the part timers know there will be a space available.
  2. Here ya go https://www.facebook.com/groups/266426747613863/ Welcome
  3. Still "under consideration" at York... anyone else have this status? Also wait listed at Ryerson but I declined it
  4. Has anyone heard from Ryerson? Just curious as I haven't received a rejection letter
  5. I didn't receive a call from Ryerson. Does anyone know when or how to check online if you're accepted or not? I was told RAMSS would be updated but does anyone know when? Thanks.
  6. Congrats Chantalilly I know you were anxious about hearing back about acceptances/ starting to lose hope. You deserve it!
  7. For those in advanced standing at U of T, is it possible to work at all during the year. Even just part time hours? If so, how many hours a week? Or do most people just not work during the year. Trying to plan my life financially as tuition aaaaint cheap. Open to hearing from people who went to York and Ryerson as well
  8. Just to clarify for Ryerson and York's acceptances people will be getting a phonecall? I hope they leave voicemail cause I work almost everyday this week😅
  9. Hey This is what Acorn looks like when you've been invited.
  10. Thanks for posting. I just checked and received an official letter of acceptance. I'm bawling my eyes out right now as it's been an emotional rollercoaster few years for me to get the courage to apply. Don't give up everyone and I'm here if you have any questions and to help others get in next year❤️
  11. You and I will be in the same strand! Congrats
  12. The u of t website says they send out offers from Feb all the way through April. It's not too late at all, and plus people reject the offer which makes room for more people!
  13. Don't worry you have an incredible resume. If it's not U of t it will be somewhere else. When did you graduate with your BSW? Sometimes school want to see you working and volunteering for a few years before they accept you but who knows really! I'm happy to give you some pointers after we all hear back at the end of this that my friends shared with me who have finished their MSWs.
  14. I think u of T is playing a sick joke on me ! They put invited and when I refreshed the page the invited message was gone! Lol
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