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    MSW (Advanced Standing), Mental Health & Health Stream: Awaiting Acceptance.
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    2019 Fall
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    MSW (Advanced Standing) MH & Health

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  1. Thank YOU! Think I'm going to be superwoman, and take 3.
  2. Anyone know how many courses you're allowed to take at UofT (Advanced Standing) in the summer?
  3. I got accepted to the advanced standing program this year at UofT .. and they sent out an email to check SGS for an update on their decision. However, this was a day after my ACORN changed to invited and a week later, I received mail.
  4. Hey All .. I remember some folks stated they were currently at UofT (Advanced Standing) have a question regarding intensives during the summer - wondering if I can pick some brains? If anyones willing to share wisdom, shoot me a DM please.
  5. Sending warmth & I am with you in solidarity. ❤️
  6. Yes. To everything that you have to say. And, that it is also okay to manage through self-care strategies, while simultaneously feeling a heavy heart and self-soothing through compulsively checking online portals / being active on this forum. Yes to it all, because all of it matters. The self-soothing and the processing and the feeling and the avoidance. It is true that the decisions that come out are not reflective of us as human beings and it is also true, that the decisions that come out affect us as human beings. All of this is so real, and prudent, and important - right now. I think the biggest breath we can give ourselves, is to be with ourselves in solidarity and acceptance while extending or hibernating away from the support that surrounds us. I hope you are open to your heavy heart, and that it can rest in you; until you find your way through it - for whatever direction it goes.
  7. I caved. And checked my ACORN. And I got accepted to UofT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Advanced standing - mental health & health.
  8. Thank you so much. I'm not checking my ACORN and waiting for the physical mail .. so my anticipation lingers a bit longer.
  9. So many great things happening today ... Based on last year, anyone know when we can look forward to official mail? I'm assuming this week, if not, next?
  10. oh fuck. my heart dropped for you. Email Angela maybe? See if its a system error. I hope you're invite still stands.
  11. ....All the anxiety happiness and anticipation. Feeling it all with you folks! Ah.
  12. For the Advanced Standing UofT .. could someone please post when they receive acceptances through the mail?
  13. YES!!!! Congratulations!!!! - What stream did you apply too?
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