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  1. Just curious if anyone else in the forum has been accepted into the one year advanced standing msw at UofT?
  2. I was waitlisted at UofT last year, I applied again this year (was accepted) and I changed one of my references. I kept my academic and placement reference the same, but used my new supervisor at my place of employment as my third reference!
  3. Thank you! It's for the advanced standing! This is my second time applying to UofT, I was waitlisted last year.
  4. I just got my invite on acorn!!! I just had a freak out haha. So excited!!! I applied for the Children and Families stream!
  5. I applied to the advanced standing! I graduated with my b.s.w. last year and have been working as a child protection worker for CAS
  6. I applied to Children and their Families! I applied last year and was waitlisted so here's to hoping haha. How about you?
  7. Hey everyone - has anyone who applied to UofT received an acceptance through acorn yet?
  8. Did you get off the waitlist for advanced standing?
  9. Hey all 1-year advanced standing msw waitlisters for UofT...Do any of you know/have heard in the past when the first people heard that they made it off the waitlist in the past? Not sure if this was addressed in this thread but if anyone knows that would be great...I have a few child protection job offers and am hoping to know relatively when people first hear if they have been offered a spot off of the waitlist. Also...Does anyone know if you can defer your waitlist acceptance for a year?
  10. Hey everyone! Angela from UofT emailed me back! I asked her about acceptances and she sent this! Hopefully this calms everyone’s nerves a bit
  11. Does anyone know if the advanced standing MSW acceptances are sent out in waves? I know that the website says people may find out in April but I feel as if that's referring to the two year program. I'm just curious if anyone who has applied before knows if they may have already been all sent out? Thanks!
  12. Congrats!!!! Do you know if Admissions mentioned if they have sent out all of the acceptances or if there's more coming? Also, was it Angela you spoke to? @Emem27
  13. Congrats btw!!!! Just wondering, but what is the name of the agency you’re working for in BC? I’m just finishing my placement at Children’s Aid Society and I’m hoping to work in child protection in the future.
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