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  1. hi friends! My offer letter is dated March 27th for uoft and it said we have to accept 4 weeks before the offer letter expires does that mean April 24th in this case ?
  2. Ya! That's why I got confused LOL Uoft uses ACORN and york uses myfile but no worries- we all know who was talking about what
  3. This is amazing news! Congrats for making the wait list You got this
  4. yay!! i got mine in the mail too congrats friend!! haha fb groupssss- just when you become socially inactive the universe tells ya to join it again
  5. You're not stupid! We're human and we make mistakes- remember that You said it said decision made on your SGS page? Mine recently changed a few days ago! received my offer package today ! Decision made can be anything from an acceptance, wait list or rejection BUT i read above that someone got an offer even without acorn updated soooooooooo yaaaa dont trust the system LOL. you got this hopefully
  6. I guess I was also nervous since many of the people I know who did MSWs also did post degrees! Just a few who did then 2 year. Hopefully the first year of the MSW prepares us well. It’s just getting so real! We’re finally gonna be learning how to help people professionally ahhhh . I just wanna be well prepared to be a great social worker !! The new stage statement- I’ve been telling myself the same thing! How I did an undergrad and if I can get through that, I can get through this as well! Yes please! If you can ask that would be great thanks for being so helpful! Ma
  7. Funny how so many of us in Toronto are still waiting for ours LOL
  8. Thanks swag master! Your words really helped - and I guess so! I guess now that it’s all happening I got afraid (especially now that it’s a graduate degree) thanks for taking the time out in replying anencephaly giving me some encouragement - I appreciate it you’re gonna make a great social worker one day
  9. Hi friends, i need help with something because it’s driving my anxiety levels to increase so here I go: someone from macs post degree BSW program told me that it wouldn’t be wise to go directly into a 2 year msw program after undergrad since apparently some organizations said that they don’t think 2 year msw graduates are ready to counsel and work in the field. Do you think it would be wise to do a post degree and then a msw ? Or go directly into the msw? I’m really scared to enter uoft because of its clinical framework as well- but also whether or not the profs are sup
  10. Hi! I didn't do my program there - I actually applied for fall 2018 (got accepted) but will be attending uoft instead Apologies from my post earlier: I meant that those who go to Orillia can do their placement in Toronto but its still competitive overall to get a placement there due to the numerous schools who have priority. HOWEVER they said their practicums in Orillia and Thunderbay were phenomenal and helped them get jobs after graduation but also secure spots for MSWs. My mentor (lets call them X) who went to Orillia actually went said that their cohort this year
  11. you definitely do not sound like a broken record! more like an inspiration- especially for other msw students and applicants who also have mental health and health issues. I personally, have both as well and knowing that you're coming into the program with such immense empathy and compassion gives me hope in the future of social workers but also how wonderful it would be to have discussions with you in class! I'm happy you found the tools of self care which work for you knowing how to cope but also what works for you is definitely key! healing is a process but you made a choice to make it hap
  12. Oh okay! thank goodness LOL. i got worried. what even is proof reading in timed exams LOL. i hope that bottle of wine helped haha
  13. Hi there! Congratulations I'm so happy to hear you got into Laurier- that is phenomenal!! I hear its very clinical (more than uoft) but you learn alot and the faculty is spectacular One of my mentors really wanted to go there for her first choice but didnt get in so she went to uoft for her msw. Prior to applying, I talked to a few people who went to laurier for their MSW and they said they had no issue getting a placement in Toronto! After Uoft, it is typically laurier who get options for placement opps as well, given its remarkable research and theory reputation. A few got placements in Pe
  14. She said the same exact thing to me too! We shall be fine my friends so happy to finally meet my tribe <3
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