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  1. Hi, It's unlikely anyone has since offers weren't withdrawn until May 12th at 4pm. The waitlist will probably start moving soon. Good luck!
  2. Yes. The deadline of April 28 applies to ouac and emailing the school of social work to confirm your acceptance. It says to email Sonya, but that may be outdated since Sonya said she no longer works for the department. If you don't respond by the 28th, you forfeit your spot and it will be reallocated by May 1st. A $200 deposit is due by June 1st. There is also a form to sign about placements, but there's no date on it.
  3. Looks like the deadline is this Friday. I got my offer in the mail today so the notice is quite short. If anyone hasn't gotten their mail offer yet, I highly recommend contacting them as soon as possible since their admissions office has been hard to reach due to weather conditions.
  4. Sorry for not clarifying. Yes, I was.
  5. I think local mail can take up to two business days although I got my letter today and I live in Etobicoke.
  6. Same change on ACORN and my last name begins with a T Hope that helps!