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  1. Sorry. To clarify, 3 is the max in the summer and the practicum from the Winter session counts as 1. So you can take 2 courses in addition to the practicum which ran until June 1st this year. If you choose a summer practicum, you also have to take a certain course in the summer instead of Winter. So you could only take 1 course in addition to a summer practicum and the simultaneous mandatory course.
  2. This is what I got about the OGS summer. It could be difficult to reach 12 consecutive weeks with only 2 summer courses which is the max courseload You need to be registered for 12 consecutive weeks. Typically, you take a directed reading course SWk4801H Special Studies that meets over the 12 weeks.
  3. Not silly and it’s a common question. The advanced standing is very similar except that an additional research course is needed.http://socialwork.utoronto.ca/programs/msw-programs/year-two-and-advanced/ So Fall & Winter session (not sure of the exact # of months) but less than the full year.
  4. Oh I forgot to mention that yes it’s possible to receive both the OGS and an entrance scholarship. At the advanced standing welcome session, Sharon said OGS would not affect internal awards. Personally, I’m not sure how accurate that was since the internal awards are really needs based and designed to maximize the number of recipients so that as many students receive some sort of funding. I myself did not get anything from the internal awards and I think the other funding had an impact, which is understandable.
  5. Was the email from Sharon or OGS? I looked back in my emails and Sharon informed me of the nomination in late, late May then I got an email from OGS about final confirmation of eligibility mid-June with a link for that elgibility form. From what I recall, the form was fairly basic just confirming your basic information, the program, and the number of sessions. After the eligibility check, results were sent mid-July. Something to keep in mind is if you want the full amount with UofT, Sharon recommends doing the Special Studies course over the summer. Fingers crossed & congra
  6. Hi, I'm entering Year 2, but I'm from Ottawa too. There was a handful of us from the Ottawa area (4ish students)
  7. I looked through my papers and I was admitted in late March and the entrance scholarship was dated May 9th. I'm sure it varies year to year, but there was a pretty big gap in time between the admissions decisions and the scholarship. Was the workshop about diversity or orientation? If it's the diversity workshop, they'll eventually let you sign up on Eventbrite. The facebook group for the class has definitely been useful so I would recommend joining.
  8. I wouldn’t say that your previous degree excludes you from being a competitive MSW candidate for U of T. A handful of my classmates have a background in science, myself included. I think it would depend on how you depict the relation between your education and social work practice. For example, I’m most interested in health and realized that social workers are very impactful. I also spent the year before working and volunteering to improve my application. Feel free to message me if you want a second opinion. We’re just in the midst of our final assignments so it might take a week for a th
  9. Hi Everyone, Just wanted to say congratulations to everyone who got into their school of choice! I’m looking forward to meeting the U of T students at the Welcome Orientations for Year 1 and Advanced Standing (2 separate events). For those waitlisted at U of T, please don’t lose hope, but like another poster said be cautiously optimistic to protect yourself. A significant portion of my Year 1 classmates were originally waitlisted and the latest I know of personally was mid-August. Please, please don’t associate your status with your worth or personal qualifications. My wa
  10. I was just going through my emails and I'm surprised others heard back earlier. Based on this link, people will hear back mid-July this year as well (http://www.sgs.utoronto.ca/currentstudents/Pages/Ontario-Graduate-Scholarship.aspx ). Nomination was confirmed mid-June, then eligibility had to be verified and offer was given mid-July. Overall, I'm really enjoying it. It depends on what you're looking for as Toronto is primarily clinical and less critical than other SW schools. My biggest tip would be to get involved. The first semester can be overwhelming with so many courses, but it's act
  11. Just wanted to echo that it truly varies. For UofT, I heard mid-July. I know the chances are probably slim, but I don't think it hurts to try especially on the off-chance that you get it. I really encourage my classmates to apply because I thought my chances were low too. I know funding isn't mentioned a lot with UofT, but they've actually sent quite a few emails about scholarships, research positions, and job opportunities, so these opportunities do exist.
  12. Hi, It's unlikely anyone has since offers weren't withdrawn until May 12th at 4pm. The waitlist will probably start moving soon. Good luck!
  13. Yes. The deadline of April 28 applies to ouac and emailing the school of social work to confirm your acceptance. It says to email Sonya, but that may be outdated since Sonya said she no longer works for the department. If you don't respond by the 28th, you forfeit your spot and it will be reallocated by May 1st. A $200 deposit is due by June 1st. There is also a form to sign about placements, but there's no date on it.
  14. Looks like the deadline is this Friday. I got my offer in the mail today so the notice is quite short. If anyone hasn't gotten their mail offer yet, I highly recommend contacting them as soon as possible since their admissions office has been hard to reach due to weather conditions.
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