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  1. I just got into the post-degree BSW program at McMaster! I really like that they include an Indigenous Pathway in their social work programs, which I haven't really seen at other schools on the BSW level.
  2. Hey Miranda! I applied to the post-degree BSW at McMaster for this September, and would love to hear your thoughts on the program! How did you like the faculty and placements options? Do you remember when you found out you were accepted? I wrote the SWAT in March, and I've been anxiously waiting for a response since then! 😅 Thanks for all your help and advice!
  3. Hello! Would you be able to share your experience with Lakehead's HBSW program?? I was really interested in it but was wondering how long it typically takes to complete! I know it says 1 year but their website says I can take 2 as well, so just a little confused... How was your practicum experience?? Thank you in advance!!
  4. Has anyone taken the Master of Social Justice and Equity studies at Brock University? I am looking to apply for next year, and would love some insight into how the application process went for previous students, if you enjoyed the program and what you used your degree for. If anyone has experiences or helpful information they'd like to pass along, it would be much appreciated!!!
  5. Hey there! First time user of this forum, and your post is the only one I could find regarding this program at Brock. What was your experience with the application process? If you don't mind sharing!
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