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  1. Hello again! I am still looking for a place in WATERLOO/KITCHENER from a 12 month lease. As Waterloo/Kitchener is a 3-university city, rent for 1 bedroom is very expensive. Having said this, I am looking for 1 ROOMMATE (gender does not matter as long as you are respectful and clean) to move in September 2019 with so that rent can be a bit cheaper for a lot nicer place. My budget is $900 - if this is within your price range, give me a reply OR email me at moonsun109@gmail.com Oh, and I have a cat but I sweep, dust, and vacuum very frequently.
  2. Hey guys! I'm looking for a roommate in Waterloo/Kitchener to share a 2 bedroom apartment/condo with as bachelor pads and 1 bedrooms are very expensive. I am a female and going to be at WLU. I am looking to move in September and my price range is between $700-900 all inclusive. There were a lot of nice, potentially affordable 2 bedroom apartments that I've seen already. Let me know and we can chat more! :)
  3. It is for the campus 2 year program
  4. Yes - sorry I should have clarified - it is for the 2 year program
  5. Yes - it was updated on my LORIS and I got an email as well
  6. Laurier has sent out application news!
  7. thank you for the leg work although I do think that those who got "invited" would have showed up on ACORN already yesterday
  8. that is very helpful - thank you. I suppose I did not get in then as my ACORN has not changed. 😭
  9. Thank you I hope you are right but man - this is super discouraging.
  10. Mine hasn't changed yet and I would assume they change it all at once... I am going to guess that if your ACORN hasn't changed by now, you have not been accepted. 😖
  11. I wonder if my ACORN is not changed by today, then it means that I have not been accepted
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