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  1. Hello everyone! I am currently a first year student in the 2-year MSW program at Laurier! I know exactly what you are all going through. If anyone has any questions or would like further insight about Laurier's program, let me know! I'd be happy to help. :) Good luck!
  2. Hey! Just wondering if someone can give me an insight on the 2 year on campus program at Laurier ? What was the schedule like? How many days a week do you have class? Thanks !!
  3. Does anyone know how many people Laurier accepts for the on-campus 2 year program?
  4. Thanks for the update!! Is it an acceptance email?
  5. I got rejected ☹️ I think it was probably my research course grade... thank you 🙏🏼 and congrats to everyone who was accepted!! Time to move on and freak out over the next schools heheh
  6. Congratulations!!! Has your acorn status changed to ‘invited?’
  7. So does no “invited” no SGS email and no physical email mean “rejected”? Can anyone who applied last year comment if the acceptances for u of t were in waves or all in one day? Supa anxious haha 😔 but also sort of calm.. bleh.
  8. Same 😭 lolll! Hey maybe we still got a shot at the other schools right ?! did all acceptances go out today for uoft ? Did anyone email/phone and check?
  9. Thank you! And congrats did all the acceptances come out in one day?
  10. Is anyone that is invited via ACORN a U of T alumni?
  11. Congrats to everyone that is accepted! you’ve worked hard and I’m so happy for you all. I’m causally refreshing the page haha. Is it possible for the status to not be shown if you are a uoft alumni?
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