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  1. That's cool. I'm excited for the nature. I live in a bigger city now, but originally I am from a rural area and I don't mind the slower pace
  2. Thanks! I had been looking into the possibility of living in Gatineau. How do you find living in Ottawa? I haven't spent much time there and I'm not really sure what it will be like.
  3. @Kal008 thanks! I hope that you enjoy York's program . @kouklah I am finding the ambiguous wait a bit frustrating and I'm not sure why they don't do things like other schools where they do all acceptances and rejections in a short timeframe. Hopefully we both get an answer some time soon.
  4. Hey Everyone, I'm looking forward to starting my MSW this fall, and potentially meeting some of you in real life. I am pretty sure I will be attending Carleton in the fall (unless York accepts me?). I am not from Ottawa and will have to move from where I am now (Toronto). I am wondering if anyone has any insights into good places to live for grad students in Ottawa? It seems pretty expensive to rent a place of my own in Ottawa, but maybe is feasible if I live in Gatineau and commute into the city. Moving to a new place is always so stressful. If anyone has any tips on
  5. I haven't heard back yet! I, similar to @nervousbutwaiting, feel discouraged and like this may mean a rejection. But congratulations to you @Kal008 😀 I'm happy to hear you were accepted!! I applied to 4 schools this year and was accepted at Dalhousie and Carleton, waitlisted at U of T and still unsure of an official York decision. Right now I have am taking the Carleton spot, but York was actually my preferred school. I am most interested in the theoretical lens that York teaches through but Carleton's curriculum has strong similarities. I also currently live in Toronto and think it woul
  6. I haven't heard anything yet. I hope we all find out soon...the latter part of May is a ambiguous timeline.
  7. I'm still waiting for a response as well. I think we won't hear until closer to the end of the month considering their email said the latter half of May? I will try and post when I hear back. What a long wait.
  8. I got the same email. Welp the long wait continues I guess.
  9. Hi I was wondering if anyone has talked to any contacts at York to ask about when decisions will be sent out?
  10. Hi Kal008, I am waiting to hear from York as well. If I hear anything about my application status I will let you know!
  11. I see. I didn't apply to that program, but maybe I will read over their course structure and compare it to the other schools I applied to. Thanks!
  12. Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone has any insights on which MSW programs are the considered the most well rounded? I have read through all of the posts here and some of you mention particular programs being known for their micro/clinical emphasis. I also read through a forum for the 2018 application year and others mentioned York's program being more focused on macro social work and structural perspective. Does anyone have any insight on if any of the programs strike a balance on their approach being micro and macro? As well has anyone talked to current or past students of any progra
  13. Hey there everyone, I have been checking out this form for a bit and thought I would make an account to chat with you all. I saw a few people posted yesterday about rejections from the York 2-year program. I was wondering if anyone has heard if they have been accepted in the 2-year stream? Thanks everyone and best of luck as we wait for U of T 🙂.
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