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  1. Congratulations how exciting!!!!!!!!! 😍
  2. I don't know anything about financial assistance at Western but I was offered none through U of T (I am waitlisted as well) and was accepted into York and was offered $24K in funding. So there was a huge difference there
  3. I've been thinking about you since I read this earlier trying to come up with the right words but I know there are none. It is so heart wrenching and devastating (I have been there). I believe that the influx of applicants this year made it even more difficult for those of us who have already applied multiple times. I wish there were more spots in these programs so that all well qualified applicants had a chance at acceptance because the roller coaster of emotions every year is exhausting and draining. Wishing you all the best and hoping you get off the waitlists you are on, and if not that yo
  4. Last year my status stayed like that until June 15th. It was a brutally long wait, especially since they had sent out their acceptances earlier last year. My understanding is they don't have an official wait list so they keep everyone who isn't rejected on the hook until they officially fill the program. MyFile still hasn't updated for me and it has been a week since I was accepted 😅 I hope they update everyone soon or at least let people know they are on a waitlist. Congrats on your acceptance to Laurier!
  5. Congrats on both of your acceptances, what an accomplishment! I have heard that Carleton's curriculum is similar to York's and if I didn't have children I would probably have applied there as well. U of T is actually far too clinical for my liking but I did apply as I have to stay in Toronto and did not want to limit my options. Good luck with York, I hope you hear back soon so you can make a decision and start the process of moving etc. if Carleton is where you end up deciding to go!
  6. Thank you so much that is such a kind and sweet thing to say. It has been a LONG journey to get here (as i'm sure it has for all of us in different ways). Congratulations on your acceptance to U of T! I was waitlisted there last year and this year and it was a little devastating not going to lie. I know you'll have a fantastic experience there even if York is not in the cards for you. Best of luck with the waiting game and with your studies in September
  7. I'm surprised since I read earlier this year that they had over 500 applicants this time around! But I didn't hear much about York on here last year either. Don't give up hope yet! Considering how few people they accept, I didn't believe it would be possible to get in, so to say I was shocked would be a massive understatement. When I read a week ago someone being accepted on the 18th I figured it was over but I got the call on the 26th! It looks like she's booking 2 hour time slots for each call and isn't necessarily able to reach people on the first call so it could very well go on into
  8. Anyone else accepted in Yorks 2 year this past week? Would love to connect with others before September! 😊
  9. OMG Pip just called me, I got accepted into Yorks 2 year MSW 😭
  10. Has anyone heard back from Yorks 2 year program? It's definitely the "latter" part of May now haha 😄
  11. That's very true. I'm going to borrow some of your positive thoughts haha I still have a tiny sliver of hope for York....super small but still there!
  12. York isn't sending out their acceptances to the 2 year MSW until the end of this month. Found it strange they already sent some rejections out long before this though. But given the fact that they only accept 20 people I unfortunately don't think it will make much of a dent on other waitlists
  13. Unfortunately they said the latter part of May 😪 such a long wait!
  14. It's hard not to with all this waiting! Good luck!
  15. What did it look like before? Mine has said that since January
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