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  1. Awesome info, thanks so much! I have a friend who did clinical track at NYU Silver and got placed in the medical setting because that’s where she had experience. She has mentioned that she wished she advocated for herself more during her first semester to change her placement, and got so much more from second year placements because they were more aligned to what she wanted to pursue. I’m curious how much say we might have in getting the most of field. I made a note on my field doc of preferred setting because I felt it couldn’t hurt
  2. I did not feel this information was clear either, you are not alone!
  3. I appreciate this info SO much too, and I actually referenced your previous post to clear up how confused I was when I used the electronic guide’s course numbers to register for classes so thank you!! 😊 I had luck adding open courses with backups to my shopping cart on CUNY first and registering quickly at my assigned time. I still haven’t received a single email to my CUNY address. I’m taking class with Colleen Katz, Colleen Henry, Keneca Boyce and Stacey Lawrence. Good luck to everyone navigating!!!
  4. Hi everyone! So very excited to meet you all. I was wondering if anyone has begun their field placement process yet and might have insight. I am waiting on a school year address but have at least narrowed down where I’m going to try to live, and was advised to submit with my intended borough/neighborhood. Has anyone found a data base or list on what placements are out there, or considered tailoring parts of their resume and document to reflect what setting you’d like to be in? I’ve been working in a related field in California the past couple years and am coming back home to New York but must admit I’m pretty unfamiliar. It seems that they place you based on previous experience but I wasn’t able to attend the pre orientation. PS does anyone live in BK? Is the commute hellish for 9AM’s? (I know it’s a huge area and this is a hard question to answer) but where’s everyone commuting from!?
  5. I interviewed 2/26 and got my decision 3/13. It was about 2 weeks for me! I echo what everyone says and say keep checking the online portal and junk mail, mine was in there!
  6. My decision was just posted online!!! I got in!!!!!!!
  7. Hey!!!! I called yesterday and the admissions person told me it is a matter of waiting for the interviewer to confer with the rest of the admission committee. He offered to “help nudge my interviewer along,” and said it wouldn’t take more than 3 weeks. It’s 2 weeks today and my other school gave me and extension until March 31st to make a decision. Hope this helps!! Waiting stinks!
  8. Yayyyy congratulations!!! It seems like those who didn’t get an interview are all advanced standing?! Where are you planning to live?
  9. I have until the 12th and told myself I’d wait until Friday before I sent an email. I think I’m going to call tomorrow and ask if it’s realistic to ask for an ext from the other school or if I should be hearing back shortly. I imagine whoever is answering the call has no idea though and they probably get so many of those calls. Good to know we’re on the same timeline, I interviewed on the 26th as well. My app status still says ‘pending interview.’ Losing my beans I want to get in so badly!! I’m also not sure if this is true but I read on one of these threads that a lot of schools send their decisions out on Fridays!?
  10. I’m in the same boat! I have a week to get back to the other school. Did you call admissions and tell them that?
  11. Hi all!!! I have been anxiously stalking these threads as I await a decision and wanted to give my two cents and share my timeline. My application was completed on February 1st (two year). I received an invitation for an interview on 2/13 and requested a Skype interview from California. I interviewed on 2/26 (one week ago today) and haven’t heard back yet. I have been accepted to NYU and Fordham, but Hunter is my top top choice! The Skype interview was myself and two other people. The interviewer asked what we were currently doing for social work and why we chose the specific track, what we’re doing to prepare for graduate school, and then gave several scenerios (specific to clinical work) which I felt were meant to determine our thought processes within problem solving and ability to think like a clinician. They were meant to be stumpers - I pulled from the values of the school and core values of SW to answer with sprinkles of my own theory. I personally found the 2 hour process to be intense! And I don’t mean intense in a bad way, but my advice would be to try and stay focused. I’m an anxious type and during my writing sample I felt like I had just run a marathon and wasn’t writing as strongly because my brain was foggy and I was adrenaline crashing. The article was dense and the alotted 45 minutes went fast for me and I love writing. Felt like I was turning in garbage but I tried to focus on answering the prompts and summarizing the main points of the article. Did anyone else do a Skype interview recently?
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