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  1. I have so far heard from CSU East Bay (accepted) and UC Berkeley last night; unfortunately, I was rejected from Berkeley. I kinda new that was coming, though lol congrats to everyone!!
  2. Hi, I got a letter in the mail today from East Bay and I got accepted! You should be receiving admissions decisions by postal mail before you'll see it online.
  3. Hi! I have yet to hear anything from CSUEB, SF State or SJSU. The waiting part of all of this is the most excruciating part I feel. Good luck!
  4. Hi! I applied to SFSU, SJSU, CSUEB, and UC Berkeley. I am a Sociology major (currently finishing up) with a GPA of 3.7 and have worked as an after school teacher/tutor for kids in low-income areas. Also, I worked as a Bilingual Classroom Aide and Spanish Translator for a Title 1 school in the Bay Area. Waiting is the hardest part!!! I just need to know if I got in or not. It seems like January is taking forever lol Best of luck!
  5. Hi Yeah there is an interview only if you applied for the Title IV-e stipend.
  6. Congrats! and good luck with the rest of them. Is there a particular school that's your #1?
  7. I have been a nervous wreck since submitting my applications ? It's only January and I don't think I can last these next couple of months haha
  8. I think that's the worst part about this whole process Hopefully we hear good news!
  9. That's awesome! I was going to apply to UCLA, but I don't have the financial means to move outside of the Bay Area (since I live here) for grad school. Good luck!!
  10. Hey everyone! I just wanted to connect with others who are also waiting for admission decisions for MSW programs; this process feels like it's taking forever! I applied to UC Berkeley, CSU East Bay, SF State, and am still working on SJSU. This is definitely nerve-wracking! Has anyone else applied and feels nervous????? Which programs did ya'll apply to??
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