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  1. nklr25

    Ohio State (Fall 19)

    Best of luck with everything!!
  2. nklr25

    Ohio State (Fall 19)

    Nice to meet you as well! I ended up deciding to stay on campus due to the location. How is the apartment search process going?
  3. nklr25

    Ohio State (Fall 19)

    Hi! I will be joining the two year MSW program this fall.
  4. nklr25

    MSW Fall 2019 Decisions!!!

    Hi! I committed to Ohio State last week! Will you be attending there as well?
  5. nklr25

    UNC MSW 2019

    I believe it was December 28th
  6. nklr25

    UNC MSW 2019

    I applied in late December for the regular standing program, and I haven’t heard back as well!
  7. nklr25

    MSW Fall 2019 Decisions!!!

    Awesome. Thank you
  8. nklr25

    MSW Fall 2019 Decisions!!!

    I have only received my financial aid package from the Office of Financial Aid, but not from the School of Social Work itself.
  9. nklr25

    MSW Fall 2019 Decisions!!!

    @rach19 Hi! I applied to Michigan before December 1st, and I was accepted in early January. I also applied to Wisconsin-Madison in late December, but I applied to the two year standard program for each school. Best of luck!
  10. nklr25

    MSW Nerves and Fears

    I am applying to Ohio State and Michigan as well. Best of luck!!
  11. nklr25

    Fall 2019 Applications

    I am also applying for mental health and clinical practice! I am hoping to turn in three applications this weekend, which is exciting yet nerve wrecking.
  12. nklr25

    Fall 2019 Applications

    Hi! I am currently applying to Michigan, Michigan State, Wisconsin-Madison, OSU, FSU, UGA, UTK, UNC, and South Carolina (I know quite a bit). Best of luck!

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