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  1. Update, I was wait listed for HRSA and just recently got off of the waitlist last week! I'm so glad I didn't say anything
  2. I was super anxious about waiting to hear back from HRSA and I looked over my essay only to realize I have an incomplete sentence in the middle of it. I am mortified, should I contact the student services office and explain this or just let it be?? I have no words
  3. Congratulations! and yes I just got the email to set up my email account, so I checked the portal and was accepted!
  4. Just checked my financial aid and was notified of work study and federal loans. I accepted my admissions offer yesterday after visiting campus. I"m still hoping that HRSA works out, but if not thats okay too, I was going to have loans to pay either way. If anyone hears back let me know!
  5. Advanced! I'm currently in Western Michigan University's BSW program!
  6. Just heard back from University of Wisconsin-Madison, I was accepted and ultimately decided that I will be declining after visiting University of Michigan. Super relieved to have put an enrollment deposit down at UMich.
  7. I was busy getting ready to head to campus when I was thinking about how I had a million things ahead of me that I don't need to worry about getting into grad school right this minute because the whole preparing to graduate with my bachelors was enough, when a light bulb went off in my head that I hadn't checked the status of my application yet that day. I had my jacket, backpack, and shoes on and was heading downstairs to leave when I started logging into the wolverine access page and for some reason it wouldn't let me zoom in like it normally did (this made me think that my admissions decisi
  8. I received my acceptance today!!! I'm so excited, this was my #1 choice, now I just have to wait to hear back about the scholarship program/ financial package!!
  9. I haven't explicitly, but I got an email from housing that said welcome to UT-A and was about figuring out on campus housing, so I am assuming I got in, but waiting to hear what they say.
  10. I finally received my wolverine access information a day after I called and asked about it, now I am patiently waiting to hear back. I'm starting to worry about not hearing back from anyone, but this has encouraged me to apply to Pitt, WashU, and University of Texas- Arlington on top of UMich and Wisconsin. I'm just checking and checking all of my application links and waiting for a decision. I'm a little nervous that HRSA applicants are being notified as that was the scholar program I applied for, but whatever will be will be. The wait continues I guess..
  11. Hey when did you get your information for wolverine access? I applied in January and I haven't gotten any sort of email with info on it.
  12. when did you get access to wolverine access? I'm applying this year and haven't received any sort of log in information
  13. hi everyone! I applied to: University of Wisconsin (Madison) submitted my application 11/17, recommendations submitted 12/28 University of Michigan- applied 1/24 University of Texas- Arlington applied 2/2 and considering applying to Pitt, all for advanced standing. I've been so anxious about waiting to hear back from schools and afraid of not getting in. I am in my senior year of my BSW and have a competitive application, but the waiting game is killing me. I applied to Arlington as a back up because they have a super quick admission process if you are applying f
  14. Did you apply to UMich after the December 1st but before the February 1st? I applied in January and am incredibly anxious to hear back. I'm doing clinical mental health as well and want to work with military and their family members, but wanted to do the HRSA scholars program too. Fingers crossed I can get a military focused placement if not the program. Best of luck!
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