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  1. I haven’t heard back yet. I was accepted to Boston College and USC (online cohort). I decided with Boston College.
  2. Did you join the BCSSW Facebook group for admitted students? I won’t be at admitted students day because I’m in Florida.
  3. Who all committed to the 2 year clinical?
  4. I’m 70, been 60 since 2015 and I got out in 2014. I just now last week got awarded tdiu(unemployability) and will have 100% for as long as my disability affects my work. If you call the hotline and give your grievance, it gets the ball rolling. I’ve had to do it with a less than stellar counselor. I’d go to their supervisor first before calling. If you have 70, and I bet it’s your knees and back and PTSD, you are eligible. They wanted me to do 911 dispatch since I was a cop. I told them hell no. If your disability impacts your job in any way, you are eligible. For me, my back w
  5. Some yellow ribbon programs don’t make up enough for the tuition the 9/11 covers. Post 9/11 is capped at the highest in state college cost, which isn’t much. Voc rehab is paying for everything. I’d fight for it if I were you.
  6. They wouldn’t let me pursue a PsyD because of the length of the program. That’s why I switched to an MSW. I was in Law Enforcement in the Air Force for 10 years and then 8 months in St Petersburg, FL. I left because of my back. I left several of my jobs since getting out because of my back. Also because I got easily irritated at stupid stuff (people acting like a fool). That’s how I got approved. Did you call the White House hotline? You can be employed while on Voc Rehab. If your disability affects your job in any way, you’re eligible. Are you on the Disabled Veterans fb
  7. Any veterans in here utilizing Chapter 31 benefits for school besides me?
  8. I just got accepted today and I put my deposit in. Are you in 2-year clinical?
  9. I’m still in disbelief, lol. Thank you!!!!!! 🍻
  10. Just received a decision via email. Clinical 2-year track. I accepted. Was told I’d find out by 15 March and then April 30th when I called yesterday. Reason was because a recommendation was received late (22 Feb late lol). Is there a Facebook group for our cohort?
  11. Nothing in there yet. Miracles happen, I just won my battle with the VA to get 100%. I can wait. 🙂
  12. Just checked everything, nothing yet. I sent an email to Sally.
  13. Not agora right? Waitlist at umich and waiting on usc, the admission counselor said I had a good application package.
  14. Today is the last day and still no decision. BC is messing with my emotions.
  15. I’m on the wait-list. Hopefully I hear back next month when they review the applicant pool again. Traditional clinical track.
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