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  1. I HAVE A $$$ QUESTION! I am trying to decide between a couple of schools. I received an email from both of them with "Financial Aid Decisions". For both schools I am only being offered loans. I noticed a number of you have posted about awards from different schools -- did those awards come separately from such an announcement or am I just screwed? Will I hear about some sort of help from the schools in the next couple of weeks??
  2. I thought I had all of my ASU stuff in weeks ago... I just barely got an email saying they had received all of my materials and were reviewing the application! It has shown as "In Review" for the last several weeks and I even received emails from a school rep saying that they had everything. Has anyone else experienced something similar from a school?
  3. I didn't have any financial information in the acceptance letter - for whatever reason I think they're waiting for that first acceptance since they say the final decision for your admission comes from the graduate school AFTER you accept your spot in the MSW program.
  4. Just got an acceptance email from UW (Wisconsin). I think I have until March 18th to accept or decline... really hoping I hear back from the other schools in time to make a real decision on that one.
  5. Still nothing from Arizona State or University of Wisconsin... I think they typically do keep it to March admission decisions, but let me know if you've heard anything! Can't wait to find out!
  6. I'm not familiar with the number of people applying to accelerated programs vs. traditional. I think that traditional will have the largest pool of applicants, but an accelerated program might have only those who are most prepared and competitive. It will also vary with the school that you are applying to. There's no reason you couldn't start your personal statements right now. The only way I could see that hurting you is if you spend too much time editing and changing things and lose your voice in the process. Admissions are looking to hear why YOU will fit their program and be succe
  7. Depends on how much editing/how polished you want them to be. Once you've written out a rough draft - which I would say could take a week to do per essay - you are going to want to have others read over it and help you edit. Check with your university to see if they have writing labs that can help you with that. If you want your essays to be done by early October, I would say to start them in August, or even earlier if you are applying to a lot of schools. A lot of your essays will be able to transfer into others that require the same information, but sometimes they will ask for it in a di
  8. If anyone is looking for a Texas school or just hasn't considered it yet: University of Texas - Arlington is ranked #34 for MSW programs in the nation, and they have an insanely quick application process. I'll summarize but include the link to their page in case you wanted to read more. Maybe not many of you are interested, but for those who are, this would be a fast application to a good school and save you from asking for more Letters of Recommendation and writing more essays. 1. Advanced Standing (BSW Students/Recent BSW Graduates) - if your Jr/Sr GPA is above 3.0 just pay the appli
  9. While speaking to an admissions rep at one of the schools I applied to, she mentioned that personal experiences are a great way to enhance an application, but to be sure that you don't get too much into it. Basically you are trying to balance 1) how the situation impacted your life to be taking this course of action now and 2) making sure that you don't disclose a lot of unnecessary and private information. It's going to be up to you to decide just how much you need to say to get the point across that you were at a really low point in life and turned it around. It helps to have friends that
  10. What was the interview itself like? Are you in state or did you do it through video? I'm with @A.E.S on saying that an interview is a positive sign. You basically went from a very low percentage chance to 50/50 in my eyes, depending on how the interview went and probably how well you wrote personal statements and explained your situation and how you would make sure that you could be successful at a graduate level. University of Michigan is an amazing school so congratulations for making it to this point and best of luck!
  11. Most of the schools I applied to said they won't be releasing any admissions info until March - that might be why the board seems a little slower at this time of the year. I wish more places did rolling admissions, but I'm sure there are pros and cons of both. It just sucks waiting so long to know how you are going to move on with your life!
  12. Thanks for the replies. Does anyone know of MSW programs that are both 1) later admissions (thinking like February and beyond priority) and 2) likely to give an application fee waiver? I had a rough experience where I flew over a thousand miles to visit a school and found out that the only waivers being handed out would be the next week at an open house the school was having for the program AND this was the year they jumped their price up from $50 to $75. They basically said since I had already shown interest in the school by opening an application that there was zero chance that
  13. I turned in my applications for University of Wisconsin, Arizona State University, and University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee! I'm debating on whether to turn my Simmons application in or not... This whole ordeal has been a lot of work and stress! Let me know if you are also applying or if you have any questions about the process, I can at least give you my side of things.
  14. I'm getting ready to apply to grad schools this fall. One of my big interests is Arizona State's MSW program, but I can't find any info on what their average accepted GPA's are or anything about acceptance rates. Any info would be appreciated, whether it's just general about the things I mentioned or your own scores if you were accepted to the program. Thanks!
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