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  1. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has had experience appealing for more financial aid. As an international student (coming from Canada), Columbia generally does not give financial aid; however, I appealed and was awarded a $5,000 Merit Scholarship. This amount is significantly lower than all the other schools I've applied to, specifically NYU & Boston College--I attached the scholarships from these two schools when I appealed for aid at Columbia. I wanted to try appealing again, but was unsure of the formality of this. Would it be cautioned against for me to try appealing for more after the
  2. Got my acceptance yesterday around 5PM! For those who received a scholarship or aid, did it come with the email?
  3. I emailed earlier in February and asked for an extension to March 31st; they gave me until March 8th and told me to get in contact with them if I'm still unable to give them an answer by the 8th. This for me was about approx. a 2 week extension!
  4. Congratulations on your acceptances! I'm struggling between NYU and Columbia. If you don't mind, could you share your experiences after your visit--I think it would be really helpful! TIA
  5. Thank you! Congratulations on your acceptance!
  6. Thank you! Congrats as well! I was accepted to NYU (with a scholarship), but none at Columbia because I'm international (coming from Canada), so the tuition component, amongst others, is making it hard for me to decide between the two! What about you?
  7. Thank you!! I applied for the 2 year Advanced Clinical Social Work Practice with a Health, Mental Health and Disabilities concentration
  8. Received my acceptance today via email. Waiting on the financial package—anyone know when it’s being sent out? TIA
  9. accepted into Columbia today! Anyone know when financial packages or awards are sent out?
  10. Thanks! I applied Jan 11th and everything was completed by Jan 15th!
  11. Congrats!! I received my acceptance to NYU today morning as well! I'm not sure when the financial aid package is coming in, but I'm going to try and ask for more money--I figured it doesn't hurt to try!
  12. I just received my acceptance! I applied on January 11th and everything was completed January 15th!
  13. Congrats on your NYU acceptance! I was wondering how you were notified? I completed my app on January 15th and am anxiously waiting to hear back!
  14. Have you tried checking Agora? I didn't get an email notification, but I logged into the portal and saw a section called "Grad Enrollment Deposit", which wasn't there before. I clicked in and it said I got accepted.
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