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  1. Accepted into BC. Will be attending. I am really excited!
  2. Hello to all! As we all get ready to make our school choices, I was wondering if anyone has talked to schools negotiating their scholarship offer? I will be moving with my wife and daughter, so making sure I maximize the amount of non-loan funding is key. Thanks to any advice or comments!
  3. The city, the network, my area(s) of interest in clinical social work, the academic/field placement structure, and lastly my wife and daughter love Boston, so it will make for a smooth transition as we move back from Shanghai.
  4. In at BC as well!!! My first choice! Now the all important question is has anyone found out about financial aid yet?
  5. Go to the applicant status page. Log in, and on the bottom right you should see something called "Access for Additional Services". You'll have a username and Eagle ID with a BC portal. Click on it, change your password. UMich sent me a similar type of portal access, and from there you'll be able to see your admissions, financial aid, etc. I was asked to setup an interview time for UMich.
  6. Congrats! Any word on financial aid with your acceptance?
  7. Just got an email from UMich to set up a time for an interview. Otherwise, all nothing from UVM or BC. Congrats to everyone hearing back!
  8. I applied for Dec 1 deadline. They sent me a Friend ID link to view the application, but have not heard anything sense. I'm also waiting for BC and UVM.
  9. I submitted my application on November 15th. I received an email saying I would get a decision by February 15th. Best of luck!
  10. Submitted my application to BC a few days ago, and got a notification that all my references submitted their letters. BC is #1 for me and UVM is #2. How is everyone else's applications going?
  11. I should have all of my apps sent by Thanksgiving. BC is my top choice, looking to go into mental health and clinical practice also!
  12. I'm applying for UVM, BC, Salem State, UPenn. My wife and I want to stay in the northeast. What area of social work is everyone interested in?
  13. Thanks for the info. I guess to give everyone a little bit more background information on me. I live and teach History and Global Perspectives at a private high school in Shanghai. I received a masters degree at Vermont Law School focusing on energy policy. However, I am more interested in academic research and teaching than being a policy maker or practitioner. I'm married to a German citizen and we just had a daughter, so we have a lot of flexibility in location of where I would study. So while being an academic in America would be nice, it's not a necessity. I would also like to add that i
  14. Hello to all. I just thought I would say hello. I'm a long time viewer but this is my second post. I have a BA in Govt and a Masters of Energy Regulation and Policy. I wrote a thesis on Chinese energy security and would like to follow up on that thesis and work on a PhD focusing on energy policy. However, I don't know if I should focus on a PhD in policy, or a specific degree in energy like the University of Dundee CEPMLP, or a traditional IR degree. The other question is whether to get the degree in the US or abroad, and how difficult it is to transition from working on a PhD abroad to teachi
  15. I am thinking of applying to this. Looking for practical experience of creating legislation rather than the theoretical approaches of public policy or political science. I was just wondering if anyone has gone to this school, know someone, and what if any reviews they have heard about it. Thank you.
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