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  1. committed to U of C today. They sent me a link about joining a facebook group... but it was for the incoming class of 2019?? Anyone else got that? Is there one for the 2020 class?
  2. Thanks!!! We’ve been waiting for this for so long!! Lol are you gonna go there? Uchicago is my first choice and I’m thinking about submitting my deposit
  3. Thanks!! I applied on 01/15. They told me that their review process is taking longer than expected. I think they are still releasing decisions for people who applied in January! Don’t stress it too much. Best of luck to you!
  4. I got in UChicago with a 15k/yr scholarship!!!!! I'm in disbelief
  5. I got rejected by Penn lol. kinda guessed it because the first question they asked me was about my medical leave. Hope life is eventually taking me to somewhere else I love.
  6. I didn’t get that email. That’s weird
  7. I’m an international student, and I haven’t gotten any info about my financial package yet. I’ll let you know if I hear anything
  8. Did u hear anything? Mine’s still not updated
  9. Congrats!!!!! Hope you get a nice financial package too!!! Mine's still not updated yet. I applied right before midnight on 01/15, but one of my recommenders uploaded her letter a few days later. Idk if this is the reason... but anyways... fingers crossed!
  10. Praying that U of C will get back to us tomorrow! I can’t wait anymore😂
  11. I applied one day before the deadline. They didn’t message me the login either, so I emailed their IT department 10 days after I submitted my application!
  12. UCB is extremely competitive, so maybe ucla waitlisted you because they think you are over-qualified!
  13. On another note, I heard back from UGA today. I got in! I’m excited & waiting for their financial package
  14. A lot of schools are closed right now. Does anyone know if this affects their decision rendering timeline? Asking this because Penn hasn’t gotten back to me for three weeks... every time I asked them, they just gave me some approximate dates, but my decision was never released on those days. I was always nervous all the time on those days, but nothing happened lol They told me last Friday that my application was under faculty review... and this Tuesday they told me that I’d hear something on Wednesday... the waiting’s stressing me out 😂
  15. Thank you for the kind words! They still haven’t gotten back to me... which is kinda weird. The last time I contacted them, they told me that my application was still under review. It’s been almost three weeks
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