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  1. Applying to: Georgetown McCourt, UChicago Harris, UMichigan Ford, Duke Sanford, Berkeley Goldman, Cornell CIPA Undergrad Institution: Top-25 ranked university in the US Undergrad Major: Political Science and Social Work double major Years out of undergrad: 1 GPA: 3.8 (3.9 GPA in each major) GRE: Have not taken (worried this will be a major weakness) Quant Background: Calc I, Statistics, and Microeconomics (no macro sadly); one year as a research assistant at my university's policy lab where I collected and coded data, in part using various programming languages,
  2. Their admissions page states that they are still accepting students for Spring 2021 and that the deadline for those applications is the end of November. I imagine they won't get to any Fall applicants sooner than that. If I were you, I would ask during the required online interview for a better idea. Here's a link to a similar thread from a few years ago, where the earliest applicant to post about their decision on the thread received their admission on February 15th. Many had to wait well into March. I bet you will be one of the first to hear back, but as @Ravine55stated, they'll probab
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