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  1. A lot of people individually messaged me over the Whatsapp group links and google doc for housing but since it's almost deadline day and I won't be checking GradCafe much anymore I'll drop it to everybody here: https://chat.whatsapp.com/Hq990OkuN6g7dH2lyaRmz7?fbclid=IwAR3WDqnf-5TUYDKwvPQh8onEv-XSa5wFCnFJiIpJ5zPi_qBx0dcfeAv4HUo https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/0/d/1ZCCxN9xaG-v5CDKw9il-a872faWonC41B-AMalIRRvo/htmlview Google Doc can't be edited on your laptop, only your phone. On a parting note: Excited to see everyone who've accepted their offers on campus this fall! A
  2. Yes! The university announced it will resume in-person activities last week. https://news.uchicago.edu/story/uchicago-announces-plans-resume-campus-activities-autumn-quarter?fbclid=IwAR0vnkt_iZWZsgVwTwLyDFDOp7wAb9W8Lq8ai64ynz-5ntST5q3gmzZC4RM#utm_source=uc_facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=autumn2021planning They will even be holding orientation on campus in late summer, though the details haven't been finalized.
  3. If anyone who's been accepted or has already chosen to attend Harris, we have a Whatsapp group chat for our cohort and a Google Doc for roommate searches/housing questions. Glad to share the links for those who want to join so please let me know if you're interested!
  4. As an incoming Harris MPP student, what ultimately made you choose Berkeley over Harris? Outside of location (if that was a big factor) Congrats either way! I'm sure you'll be happy there.
  5. You're right, sorry for the mistake. I misread the numbers myself. I think I see the issue now though... Most of their programs (MACRM, MAIDP, MA in Public Policy, etc.) last for one year. The graphic cites 16 different degree programs so naturally their entry date/graduation won't overlap perfectly. Maybe you were viewing the numbers from the standpoint of the two-year MPP program, or one of the other ones? Anyways that's the most sensible explanation to me.
  6. I'm an incoming student at Harris and just to reiterate what @GradSchoolGradsaid, it's hands-down the better quantitative program and along with Berkeley's MPP is probably the most quant-heavy MPP program out there. It's also a better school for those interested in academia and health/information technology policy, if those fields interest you. The slight edge in name recognition/Ivy League status is meaningless in your case so I'd advise against letting it play ANY factor in your decision. UChicago's undergrad is still 6th in the nation, above over half the Ivy Leagues, and in terms of gradua
  7. I dug into the numbers a bit and I can see why you're confused. It seems the latter graphic is misleading. The number from the first link (325) sounds accurate. If you check Petersons (https://www.petersons.com/graduate-schools/university-of-chicago-irving-b-harris-graduate-school-of-public-policy-studies-000_10039268.aspx), which is pretty reliable, you'll find enrollment was 333, although the cycle date is unspecified. Petersons also lists the "total number" of students are 500. I'm guessing it's an approximation but I trust it. The second graphic must be counting the "total number" of
  8. Accepted into the MPP program with $25k funding per year! My decision was posted on my portal on Saturday night (March 6th) and I got an email telling me to check. Good luck to everyone who hasn't heard back yet!
  9. Applying to: Georgetown McCourt, UChicago Harris, UMichigan Ford, Duke Sanford, Berkeley Goldman, Cornell CIPA Undergrad Institution: Top-25 ranked university in the US Undergrad Major: Political Science and Social Work double major Years out of undergrad: 1 GPA: 3.8 (3.9 GPA in each major) GRE: Have not taken (worried this will be a major weakness) Quant Background: Calc I, Statistics, and Microeconomics (no macro sadly); one year as a research assistant at my university's policy lab where I collected and coded data, in part using various programming languages,
  10. Their admissions page states that they are still accepting students for Spring 2021 and that the deadline for those applications is the end of November. I imagine they won't get to any Fall applicants sooner than that. If I were you, I would ask during the required online interview for a better idea. Here's a link to a similar thread from a few years ago, where the earliest applicant to post about their decision on the thread received their admission on February 15th. Many had to wait well into March. I bet you will be one of the first to hear back, but as @Ravine55stated, they'll probab
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